Monday, December 28, 2009

I changed it's name!

Just because I like my secret laboratory so much that I want to live there.............gurgle,gurgle,bubble, bubble! See you all in the new year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Just a Moment....

to say Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a great day! We are enjoying ours for sure! Looking forward to our huge dinner with cheesecake at the end. More gift exchanges and that oh so bloated, tired, lay on the floor and can't move feeling after it's all over. Yeah!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My weekend creations! The yummiest being our traditional Christmas cookies, the ever popular over-frosted yumminess! Ciaran and I had a great time decorating and even made a special one for his dad. Then we headed home so I could finish up my mother's birthday gift. I decided this year I would try my hand at some homemade stitch markers and a little case for her to keep them in. I added on a little pocket to keep yarn needles as well. Hopefully, she'll get good use out of it. More yumminess to come, that is if Ed lets me finish up my last few projects.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Having Fun

Which I guess is what should be the case especially this time of the year. I had already figured by the end of August that I wouldn't be able to do much for the holidays as far as building up stock for my shops, shopping, and decorating for the holidays, so I just ended up going with the flow. I made pretty much all of my gifts this year, and tried my hand at some new things. It was so much fun and I was successful!( I'll share after the holidays so I don't give it all away) I am pretty disappointed that I didn't reach all the goals I had put in place for myself this year, but pretty impressed that I made it through all sorts of weirdness this year AND brought into the world a healthy, happy baby! So far, it's been a wild ride and I am truly trying to enjoy each and every day. Ed lets me work here and there and seems to become more patient with me by the day. Hopefully soon, she'll let me work on finishing up a few things for my shops so I can get back to business. Right now my only goal is to enjoy this holiday season this year, for what it's meant to be . A time for caring about and for others, loving, and appreciating those around me. I haven't been able to do this in a while, it's pretty fun when you just let all the busy, panicky, unnecessary stuff go and enjoy each day. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Got A New Buggy Coming My Way!

We are finally getting our double stroller next week! Just in time for long walks to check out the Christmas lights! I am so excited. I so miss walking and when it's not raining here(and even when it is) it's so nice to get the kiddos out and clear our heads. Yipee! It seems like such a long time ago that we made our trips downtown and back with the little blue stroller. Then came vertigo, pregnancy, other health problems, all of which made it physically impossible to get out for our afternoon long strolls, and so it became all about the stinky bus. Not that I don't like our bus trips, it's just nice to have other options now. We will definitely still utilize the bus on most days throughout the winter for our downtown trips, but, now we have another choice for better weather days! O.K. enough about that, now I must get back to work in the secret laboratory to finish up the rest of my holiday giftiness. Wish me luck!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sometimes Ed Lets Me Sew.......

and sometimes not. She did however, let me make some holiday treats and a lovely pair of suede booties this weekend. However, she did not let me finish the pile of travel wallets and envelope wallets that I have been staring at for weeks now. For some reason she thinks I should wait. The booties turned out fabulous! I can't wait to post a couple of photos of them. I think I will make more, after I finish the travel wallets at least. Sheesh! this kid rules my life, not to mention her ridiculously cute older brother who wants his own fair share of attention too! Oh well, they are cute, they are mine, and I love them so, so travel wallets will have to wait for now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gremlins and Pixies.............

Ate my internet access. So I will only be able to peruse the webs here and there the next few days. I am spending my time sewing, organizing, doing holiday things, and working in my secret laboratory in between my attempts to entertain a fussy baby and a toddler tornado. Oh well, for my end of the year goals, they kind of flew out the window for now. That's o.k. though, we are happy and healthy and that's what counts right now. I'll catch up in the new year, I swear!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well That Went By Fast!

My one and only show of the year is over and done with! I just got back from the Ink People Center for the Arts Holiday Gift Fair 2009. It was a great turn out for only being one day and I did better than I expected which is good! I also have a couple of pieces left over for my shops and will be sewing a lot in the next couple of days to finish up the last few pieces I had meant to get done before Ms. Edolie came along. Ed was my partner at the show. She spent most of the day snoozing and greeting all the patrons that came to check out all of the wonderful crafts available. So now, on to decorating for the holidays, sewing, working in the secret laboratory to finish up my especially secret Christmas presents, and just enjoying my time. I can't wait to share my newest creations with you all. I am excited about the next meanwhile, I see fun and creativity on the horizon! Have a great rest of your weekend all!

Monday, November 2, 2009

We made it through the spookiest of days! We had a great time trick or treating on the plaza on Saturday. Ciaran looked awesome in his blue m&m costume and actually didn't seem to mind wearing it. Edolie freaked out about having to be a lady bug but soon fell asleep and could have cared less about all the festivities going on around her. Since I am not supposed to be doing much, or Halloween celebration was cut a little bit short with us all hiding out at the grocery store snacking away on baked goods and watching the fog and mist until our bus came to take us back home. Once back home, we carved our "Jack O' Pumpkins" and then headed out to find a nice place in the field for Mac to rest. Once we said our final goodbyes to Ms. Grouchypants, we headed back home, and promptly passed out from exhaustion. Good times once again! I love Halloween!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ms. Grouchy

Ms. Grouchy has left us for bigger and better things. Late last night she passed away. She and I were never very close, we mostly got on each other's nerves, but I will miss her in all her grouchiness and insistence. I will miss the pain in the ass that was Macintosh, and I know Mark is devastated. She was his best friend, his late night book reading, computer playing, beer drinking buddy. She was by his side every night after I fell asleep with the kidlet and wandered to the bedroom to pass out from exhaustion. We'll miss you Mac, wherever you went to. Hopefully, a little of that grouchiness has worn off and you'll be happy and pain free!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Yes, yes, yes, lots of juggling these days. Today it's baby, toddler, Halloween costumes, wallet making, and taking care of a very sick kitty. I am so glad I have a little bit of energy and a lot of coffee! Edolie and I saw the Doctor yesterday for our first check-up and it went really well. Ed is gaining weight steadily and is up to a whole 8 lbs 5 oz. and I am down three pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Hey! I have ankles again! Everything is looking good for the little one and myself so I am pretty darn happy. I am not so happy about Mac suddenly taking ill. Poor thing is just barely hanging in there and we can't get her to a vet until tomorrow. Sucks! I just try to do what I know that might help and hope for the best until we can get her to the Doctor tomorrow. It's not looking good though, she is showing the exact same symptoms as Humbug did before she died. I am thinking that she is suffering from kidney disease as well, if that is the case, then there is not much to be done. Poor Mark is going to be devastated if he loses his precious cat, he has been through so much this year already, it's just not fair. Oh well, off I go to juggle some more. Hopefully, I will be writing again soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Got To Sew!

Yipee! Ms. Edolie and Mr. Ciaran are proving to have a little bit of patience with my obsession with leather work. They actually let me do some applique work today. I am sure this will change day by day, but for now, I am happy with any little bit of work I can get done. I didn't really expect to be back at the machine for quite a while but all of my projects were just screaming at me this morning. So I had to sew. I am working out ways to sew the other projects I have for myself here and there. I am working on Ciaran's costume, Edolie's costume, a very vibrant and outrageous diaper bag/handbag, a sweater for Edolie, and a winter blanket for Ciaran. Lots of stuff but it's all fun and fairly simple. Thanks Edolie and Ciaran, you are pretty darn awesome!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back Home With Our New Addition

We are home! Even better, we are home with our newest addition baby Ed now known as Edolie Evangeline Chacon. She was born at 9:33 am on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 by c-section( an interesting story for another time) she weighed 7 lbs and 14 oz, and was just a tad over 20 inches long. Mom, Dad, and Ciaran are already madly in love. She is such a sweetie! Right now we are adjusting to a house with two little ones instead of one. It's a trip! She is so different from her very mellow older brother. She goes from sleeping to screaming in seconds flat, hates diaper changes, and has no patience for anything when she is hungry(which she always is). Yes, after the weirdness of this last year, we have brought home the biggest most wonderful present anyone could ever get, and we sure do appreciate it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here We Go!

Today I finally get to meet Ed. We were delayed a bit, disappointed a bit, but now it's really happening. So, off I go! Keep us in your thoughts all. We'll keep you posted on how everything goes!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nervous Energy

Does wonders for the creative process! I finished two make-up pouches, lined two travel wallets and a billfold and I'm making another all purpose pouch for a very special person. I just wish I had all this nervous energy and the time to get stuff done a few weeks ago. So now, I just get to work with what I have got and try to sneak in some creative time over the next month. We will see how that goes. My makeup pouches turned out really cool, I made them with a compact pocket and I am thinking of adding a lipstick/perfume pocket as well. Yay!

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 13th

That's the date that Ms.(or Mr.) Ed will make her/his way into the world. I am crazy excited, nervous, jumbly, happy, overwhelmed, etc. Can't wait to meet the little one. It's just nice to have a date and time for our marvelous event. Mark is happy because we are scheduled for noon instead of 8 am as previously thought. Noon is a good hour, lunch happens at that hour, or for me usually sewing time, or a coffee and a cookie break. I think I am going to keep myself occupied for the next week by sewing and cleaning, and thinking about eating lots of overly frosted and gooey cake and having that first beer in almost a year! Hopefully that'll do it! Probably not, but I can hope right? Wish us luck all!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Weeks to Go.

So they say anyways. Ed will be making her way to us in two weeks. I am so excited and so under prepared! Can't wait to meet her. Can't wait to see my sister and the kiddos! I can hardly sit still! I did have a dream that Ed was a he the other night, so now I am not completely sure if I should count on Ed being a girl. My gut is saying girl, but you never know......... Now I spend the next two weeks trying to get a bit of sewing and cleaning done, and trying to wrangle up Halloween costumes for the kids. A blue m&m for Ciaran(boy is he going to hate his mom and dad!) and a ladybug or bumble bee for baby Ed. Yes, it's a do it yourself Halloween around here, and I love it! I've already started pulling out decorations and planning my post c-section Halloween celebration, including a visit to the pumpkin patch, visiting the festivities on the plaza, and making some Halloween goodies for the boys and for me! Hopefully, I'll be able to indulge by then. For the meanwhile, I am sewing up many billfolds, travel wallets, and coin pouches to get ready for my holiday season. I just found out that my big annual craft show is being shortened to one day, so a little of the sewing pressure is off, not much, but enough to let me just enjoy designing and sewing a little bit more. Getting inventory done for one day is a heck of a lot easier than for two. I just hope that it's a good show! I really hope it's a good season! Here's to hoping it's a good one for everyone.

Friday, September 25, 2009


After a long day of shopping for socks for the guys, and some sort of comfortable footwear for me, I finally got around to listing some new wallets in my Etsy and artfire shops. I wanted to get more done this week but it has been pretty hectic around here. So tonight I get to watch zombie movies and cut out more wonderful leather goodies so I can keep up with my goals. It will make me happy after the last couple of days of broken and brain dead ipods, broken shoes that cannot be mended, reocurring illnesses, and the biggest pain of all: phone tag and the run-around from certain state agencies that will rename nameless for now. Now I am off to a nice long weekend of family time and couch shopping, hopefully getting a few minutes to glue and sew here and there. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

All set for a sewing marathon today. It appears that Ciaran and I will be stuck inside with more rain, and my having a super sore hip. Baby Ed is getting heavy and it's really getting my legs and hips these days. Her impending due date is making me a bit anxious as far as getting my leather goods sewn up. So, hopefully by the end of today the little box of possibilities will be emptied of a few items which I will then promptly list in my shops. I also get the lovely task of mopping our super muddy kitchen floor with the lamest mop in the world. I might as well get down on hands and knees and lick it clean, it would be about the same as using the useless mop that we have. Oh well, I will dream of a new mop while I am cursing at my current mop, should make for a fun afternoon:)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Art of K. Leistikow

My sister started her Etsy shop a short while back and it it AWESOME! Check out The Art of K Leistikow. Her work is just fabulous! Hope you enjoy! I am off to enjoy some coffee and leather work today, Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Thingys!

I made some new wallets this week and I am so happy to show them off. I've put a few in my Etsy shop, and a couple in my artfire shop. I am trying some new applique techniques which are really fun but can get kind of tricky too. I also managed to improve the design of my snap-up billfold wallet and I think I like it! Nothing like colorful leathery goodness to brighten my day. Off to make some more! Have a good weekend all!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Week Later

All is slightly back to normal. Mark is still really sore but handling it very well. Back to work and trying to keep himself busy. He is so bummed about missing the last of Humboldt's good biking weather(actually the next month is the best the weather usually gets for the year) but I keep reassuring him that there will be little breaks in the rain and wind for him to get a ride in here and there when he heals. I am encouraging him to build his new bike, which he has wanted to do for the last two years, and he seems set on the idea. I am doing my best to keep things going around the house. Cleaning, gardening, organizing. I have been trying to prepare for Ed's arrival next month and allowing myself time to finish up the cutting and sewing for my very short maternity leave. I don't think either are going to be completely finished but with all that has happened over the last few months, all I care about right now is having a healthy, happy family. I will make due with whatever comes my way as long as I can have that one little wish. So far, so good, and I plan to keep it that way if I can. I am still having a great time with my new designs, and plan to get a couple finished today before I head downtown in the rain.............. OOH!............ the stinky bus in the rain! Should be especially stinky today! Fun times!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to Work

It's back to work for all of us after the broken collar bone incident. Mark decided to head in for a couple of hours, I finally get to finish up the many colorful leather pieces sitting patiently on my table waiting to be sewn into wallets, and for Ciaran, business as usual, at play in his room with an airplane and many little cars and trucks. Feels good to be a little normal today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Broken Collarbones and Other Fine Tales

So Sunday I was jolted awake from an afternoon nap with " I am here with your husband who was just in a bike accident and we are taking him to Mad River Hospital" So I quickly jump up catch the phone and talk to the kind woman who was good enough to stop and help Mark and the other cyclist.

OH ADRENALINE! as I hung up the phone with the woman, into panic mode! Ed giving me a kick to the ribs to let me know that she didn't approve of my shenanigans. I rush in to get Ciaran, who is happily forgoing nap to sit in his toy box and play with his little cars and trucks, we rush around getting both of us dressed, a fresh pair of underpants and pants for the kid and something that doesn't smell of spaghetti sauce and mint gum( I was gardening before my nap) and head out the door towards the hospital(luckily, it's only a block away) I am trying to walk fast but it is impossible to do so at eight months pregnant, holding a two year old, and having the worst butt cramp in my life. Luckily the hospital is just a block away from our apartment! We walk into the emergency entrance and there is my honey, all pale, with half of his bike gear cut away, sitting on a stretcher and in obvious pain. I was so very relieved to see him sitting up, conscious, and even was able to smile at me and Ciaran. It was only after seeing him that I was able to calm down. On our way over, all I could think of was the bad stuff that could have happened, which quickly disappeared when I saw him there.

It appears that another bike rider had made a abrupt left turn right in front of Mark, without looking to see if there were any other cars, people, or cyclists near him, and Mark didn't have time to stop. He hit the back tire of the kid's bike and flew over his own bike AND the other rider, landing on his right shoulder. Luckily it wasn't much worse. Just a broken collarbone and lots of bumps, bruises, and scrapes. His helmet is trashed, as is a lot of his bike but he is alive! and that is what matters.

So, I don't mean to lecture or anything, but if you are out there riding your bike, wear a helmet(they really do save lives, even if they look funny and give you helmet head) and pay attention to the rules of the road, it really matters to a lot of people that you and the people you share the road with come home safe at the end of their ride.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Leather! Time to Play!

I got some lovely leather from my sister in the most unusual embossed patterns and now I am up for the handbag challenge. My goal is to design just a few handbag designs and get them out there. I am so inspired now. I also got a box full of brightly colored leather clothing from a very good friend of mine and now I have even more to play with. My first project is going to be my messenger/diaper bag out of the brightest blue suede. I have been playing with my applique designs recently, just to liven things up a bit and I am finding that I really like what is happening. It feels much more like painting to me and I can get pretty crazy with shapes and colors which is all the fun in the world. So far I have made some billfolds but I am furiously sewing up some travel wallets as well. I will post more pictures as I finish up! I love it when I feel inspired! Thanks Seesa and Kathy! You guys rock!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why do Toddlers Headbutt Everything?

I don't know. I guess I will research it while I hold ice to my fat lip. OUCH! Cute but deadly! (The culprit pictured above) I will let you know what I find out.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Holy something or other, I'm 40!

Yes, I did it. I made it to forty. Weird. I certainly don't feel forty. Most days, I don't feel much over the age of five. Can't say it was a super huge eventful party type of thing, but I think that is good. I got to start my day with lots of warm birthday wishes from my friends and family and spent the rest of the day just doing my thing. I even got to sneak in a coffee and a piece of lemon almond pound cake(I cheated but it was worth it, and it didn't even raise my blood sugar at all!) My son and honey surprised me with some new dvd's to watch and a little shopping money to play with. It was all good stuff! I started a new tradition too. From this birthday on, everyone gets gifts, not just me! Ciaran got a little red truck he's been eyeing forever at the toy store, Ed got to enjoy my lemon almond pound cake with me, and Mark got a freshly baked loaf of gluten free bread(he has been dying for bread products for weeks now) I came home to find that my lovely sister had sent me a bunch of fun videos and even one she made for me to enjoy on my birthday and even more birthday wishes. It was such a lovely day! Thanks again to everyone who remembered my birthday, you made a very big birthday very special to me and I truly appreciate it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Stuff!

I have a couple of new things to share. I have been lucky enough to get to work pretty consistently the past few days and have actually made a small dent in the piles of leathery goodness that occupy my work space. It feels good to just jump in there and get going! So I share with you a new billfold and a new pouch/wallet design. Still working on the pouch design, it needs a little something, but I like it! Today I am finishing up a new travel wallet and a small envelope wallet to share with you tomorrow. Yipee for being productive!!!! Hopefully, I will have a lot more to share with you in the next few weeks:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Smell Funny.

I just finished my short but sweet weeding session in our side yard. I managed to pull enough weeds and clip back enough foliage from our overgrown oregano shrub to cover our entire deck in that time. Now, I am back inside and I smell spaghetti sauce with lots of oregano and it is following me wherever I go. So, I guess I am the one that smells of spaghetti sauce with lots of oregano. I also feel things crawling in my hair and on my legs......... hopefully it's not one of the huge spiders that I have been having nightmares about running into lately. That would be awful. On the bright side, you can actually see that we have a yard and not just weeds, yay! I am going to take a shower now before one of my new creepy crawly friends bites me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The First Pee-Pee on the Potty!

So this evening after dinner, I had Ciaran run around pants-less for a while, just to keep with the potty training theme of the day. As I am getting him cleaned up from dinner he starts screaming "Oh No!, Oh No!, Oh No!" and crossing his legs at the same time. So I calmly rush him into the bathroom and he furiously pulls the potty chair out and sits down, and guess what! HE WENT! He was so excited he had to show his dad his pee first and then he kept looking into the potty like he couldn't believe that the pee was from him. We celebrated with a handful of m&ms and lots of hugs. The first step has been taken, wish us luck with the rest!

Not Sure About This One.

I went ahead and listed it in my artfire studio, but I am still obsessing over the design and if it will be as useful as I want it to be. I think it would be perfect for a phone/ipod case but we'll see. I am making one in black right now, maybe I will play around with the design a bit and see what happens. I do really love the grey suede and black leather on this one though. Very nice combo!

In other news, I just got back from my 30 week check up with Ed. All looks good! My iron is a little low, so I had to run out and get some iron supplements for the next couple of months to boost it a little bit. Ciaran and I had a great time downtown, we bought a few more outfits for Ed at our local consignment place, stopped at Wildberries for a coffee and a cookie, visited Dad at work, then hit the grocery store for our healthy salad and tofu dinner tonight. Now we are home and sleepy. I am ready for a nap but Ciaran wants to play. Oh well, no nap for me I guess, back to sewing and dreaming and sewing some more.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I don't have much to say today. It's another day of grey skies and foggy heads around here. I have been working a lot lately, I managed to get a couple of coin pouches and a handbag finished this past weekend. Now I am on to one last custom order and I am swimming in billfolds and travel wallets at the same time! Today is head downtown to poke around for some ingredients to make gluten free things. Mark has decided to go gluten free for a while so I am trying out some bread recipes for him that might taste o.k. Since we all eat the same things around here, I want things that I can eat too, so I am making it my mission to try out some recipes to see what happens. Should be interesting:)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy Lazy Day

I don't know how anyone could feel busy and lazy at the same time but I certainly do. I just listed a new wallet on Etsy, and I am busily cutting out billfolds but all I want to do is sleep. I think I just need to get some fresh air and a good snack then maybe the lazy will be squashed by all the busy. I think I will gather up the kidlet and hit the road for a while.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood and humongous spiders

My newest Etsy listing, and the last of the cool purple leather.....WAH! Oh wait! I have one more little coin pouch cut out and ready to go, but that's it:(

The two things I face first thing in the morning. I wake up at about 4:30 nervous over how high my blood sugar is and having to go poke myself in the finger before I am even conscious. I have gone through one whole pack of test strips just because I was not awake enough to use the glucometer correctly, and couldn't get my fingers to bleed enough to test accurately. So, after many pokes and lots of cussing, I think I have it down. Then Mark mentions that he killed the biggest black widow spider he has ever seen as it crawled out of our wall heater. So now, I am not only reluctant to get up and check my blood, I am afraid I am going to run into one of the sisters or the mother of the huge spider and she will be set on seeking revenge for her sister's/daughter's untimely death. I think I might need more to do.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

All This Energy and No Where to Put it.

Yesterday was the day of no energy and lots of naps. Today is the day of too much energy and not enough to do with myself. I am working on my leather projects but I can't sit still. I thought about gardening, but that leads to sneezes. Maybe I will take the opportunity to clean the rug in the front room and do a little bit of extra cleaning and organizing. Never hurts right. I would much rather be hiking around up at Patrick's point or hanging out on the beach with my toes in the sand. Oh well, the price I pay for not having a great weekend adventures.

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Nap in The Big Boy Bed

Ciaran's first nap in the big boy bed! Hopefully he is o.k. with it. I am slowly cleaning out his room so it is all his. I don't want him to feel shunned once little Ed comes to stay. I am keeping my eyes peeled for animal illustrations, kites, and all sorts of decorations to make his room really fun for him. My first decorative purchase will be a map of the world. Since his dad and I are hoping to get this family on the go once Ed is here and situated. I have only left the country once, but I am so hooked! We want Ciaran and Ed to see more than just Arcata in their lifetimes, so a traveling we will go. Hopefully, I will have the energy to keep up with everyone.

Besides big boy bed and decorating fun, I have been cutting out a lot of pieces to stock up and prepare for Fall when I will be taking a short maternity leave with Ed. I just need to get to sewing and preparing in other ways too. This year I am being smart and ordering my supplies early. I also found a huge box of misprinted business cards that I will be re-decorating with my logo and my online information. That makes it a little easier to afford all the hardware for my wallets and the few baby items we still need to get for Ed. So that's it for now. I feel a little more prepared each day. Just got to keep myself in check.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Now I Can Relax!

I spent the morning at the Doctor's office getting the lowdown on my high blood sugar and what I need to do to control it. Basically diet and exercise should do the trick but I still need to test my blood sugar many times a day to keep track of what is going on with my body. No sweat, I am a pro, I had the same exact problem with Ciaran too. Now I am back at home and just relaxing while the boy gets a much needed nap. I think I will cut out some wallets to pass the time! I just listed this one in my artfire studio! I think I like it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It Almost Killed Me!

........But I won! I conquered the "big boy bed" and now I take the rest of the afternoon to relax and cut out wallets and coin pouches. I don't think I have ever cussed so much in my life. Luckily, the big boy was too busy watching his cartoons to notice. So when he wakes from his nap time, he will be able to see his new bed. He better like it! Not only did I cuss, I sweat like a pig, and I stubbed my toe on one of the many pieces!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Big Boy Bed

Among all of my other projects I am working on, I am also getting Ciaran ready to transition from his port-a-crib to a big boy bed. So, today is clean the carpet day, and tomorrow shall be put the big boy bed together and organize the new room to go around the big boy bed. Should be a fun adventure. Hopefully, this will be an exciting transition for him too. At the moment he seems to be incredibly excited about sleeping in mom and dad's room tonight. I hope he is just as excited to see his new bed and sleep in it for the first time. Oh, we'll see!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just finished and and listed in my Etsy shop, this one is super fun in hot pink suede with lime green and salmon orange suede applique. I am so excited because I got my order of snap clips today so I can keep on making my little wallets without hesitation! I love when I get cool things in the mail! So now I am working on a travel wallet which should be listed tomorrow, and still working on a couple of custom pieces. The rest of this week will be dedicated to cutting out wallets and Dr. appointments. Yipee!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cleaning up The House

I am back to going through my stuff. I managed to get rid of a huge pile of clothes, a huge pile of make-up, and even a huge pile of weeds! I am trying desperately to get rid of all the extra stuff we have lying around here that we never use. It felt good to get rid of clutter. I have been doing a little bit here and there but the last couple of days I just jumped into it. It's nice to have counter space, drawer space, and closet space. It's also nice to step outside and not feel like the weeds are going to attack at any second. My plan is to do a little bit each day until we get rid of all the unnecessary stuff we have accumulated over the last few years. We'll see how it goes:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am Soooo Hungry!

So I found out yesterday that I got a bad grade on my glucose intolerance test, therefore I would have to take a longer three hour test where I fast overnight, go in to the Doc's in the morn and drink overly sweet, sticky red stuff and then every hour over the next three hours, I get to have lots of blood drawn. Sounds like an awesome way to spend a Friday! All I know that is I am sooooo hungry already, I don't know if I will last! I think afterwards it's a trip to Wildberries for a bite to eat and perhaps a coffee, since I've been awake since 4:30 with a grumbly tummy. Just needed to get that out since I am sitting here in the papa chair with visions of pancakes and french toast dancing around in my head. I must be strong!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two New Things

Just finished these yesterday evening. I am pretty happy with both. I tried some new color themes and design elements and they seem pretty successful to me. I got up early once again to work on a project for a very special person and I LOVE IT! I think my special person will be happy once they see it. It is in the softest deep purple suede with a super cool applique design. I am also finishing up a hot pink wallet that I have had sitting on my table forever! Then on to finish up a collar, two cuffs, another little messenger wallet, and stuff for my show in November. Yes, I am doing the Ink People Center for the Arts Holiday Gift Fair again this year. If all goes well, I will have baby Ed in my arms the whole time and lots of stuff to share. Most people think I am crazy trying to do a show a month after my second child is born, but it's like my holiday tradition and I can't not be a part. That would be just wrong! I am working hard to stock up the shelves and get all the other stuff done now so I can just pack up my wares, go, set-up, and sell instead of the traditional week of panic that usually takes place. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Early Start

Yes, I got up at 5:00 this morning and started working. I don't know why, I know I will be exhausted in a couple of hours but I just felt like working. Everything was quiet and dark, and I could concentrate on just doing my thing. It was so nice. I got a few new items cut out last night and a few little projects that are in the works, a little bit closer to done. I didn't want to stop working last night but my eyes wouldn't focus after a while, which makes me dizzy, which I DON'T want to deal with again. Yes, the vertigo I was so ill with still hangs on here and there, which sucks, but as long as I can function and it doesn't seems to be affecting my pregnancy, I'll deal. It's more of just a weird sensation of being on an escalator when I turn my head in certain ways. Like the ground is moving out from under me. Seriously weird stuff!!!! When Ed comes along in October, as soon as I am able I am going to be looking into some serious sinus pampering and recovery, I hope that knocks the dizziness right out! On the bright side, my experience with vertigo has helped me create some fascinating designs lately. So it can't be all bad can it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just finished!

Just finished this custom order and tried out a new design element with it. I decided to add more interior pockets and an exterior zip pocket and slide pocket. I like it! This one will be heading down south to it's new owner soon, but I hope to have many more ready to go soon. The next one up will be a white leather with multicolored this, that, and the other appliqued all over the place. I think it will be nice. Kind of an underwater theme.

Friday, July 10, 2009


So, I have been collecting pieces of fabric to put a couple of maternity outfits together for myself over the last couple of months. Nothing too special, just enough material to make a skirt, a sundress, and a top. Well, I have been noticing a rather nasty smell coming from the chair where the fabric was stacked. I also noticed that the fabric was no longer neatly stored on the chair but was now wadded up underneath it. So in investigating the nasty smell, I picked up the fabric only to have about fifteen turds fall out of it all over the floor! Not only that but the fabric was the nasty smell, a mixture of kitty potty I don't even want to describe! So no homemade maternity outfits for me. Well, until yesterday when I brought home a magic leather jacket that held a whole lot of cash in it. Not a huge amount but enough to make my day, heck, I would have been happy to find an extra dollar! So, today I went and used some of the cash to buy a couple of shirts and a couple of skirts to make into maternity clothes! Thank you to the magic jacket owner for giving me clothes that fit! As for the two little furballs............I love them but they stink!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No More Black Leather?

Am I actually running low on black leather? I am! I found this out today while working on one of my custom orders. I can't believe it. I ALWAYS have some hanging around now the box is full of green, blue, beige, pink, and a smidgen of purple leather with a little bit of orange here and there. I guess that means I need to get out and peruse the thrift stores again. Hopefully, while I am there I will run into some red and purple leather too. That would be splendid! Maybe even some bright blue or more lime green! Oh well, for now I have enough to keep working on my order. That's all that counts right?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Bits and Pieces

This is the start of one of my newest custom orders. It took me most of the weekend to come up with the right purples to put this one together. This piece will be the front pocket of one of my little black bags. Right now it is just a bunch of pieces of leather waiting to be o.k.'d by it's future owner. Once it's o.k.'d it gets to be glued down, and sewn in place then I can make the rest of the bag.

I am also working on a few other pieces and slowly but surely muddling through. I just have had no energy over the last couple of days. Probably because I keep waking up at 5am and can't quite get back to sleep. I get up, get a snack for me and baby Ed, then stretch a bit, and then lay back down until the diapered wonder starts calling my name. Then it's up and back to work for the day. I can't complain too much, I am still having fun, even with my droopy eyelids!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Missed the Fireworks!

Well, we saw a few from the field but we missed the fireworks show yesterday. Mostly because of uncomfortable pregnant lady(me) who didn't want to walk to six miles downtown and back and the still slightly ill-ish dude(Mark) who also isn't up for that much of a journey right now. So Ciaran and I scoped out a place in our parking lot, until the mosquitoes tried to eat us to watch our neighbors lighting their fireworks off. Ciaran covered his eyes and looked the other way for the most part. He was just not very impressed. Next year, we will be back into our groove with Ciaran, baby Ed, able to walk those six miles there and back without complaint and end the night with our usual: put the kiddos to bed and drink a couple of good strong beers! (Watch it rain next year.)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Building up my Shops

So, after this weekend, I should be able to concentrate on strictly building up the inventory in my shops. I am thinking about cancelling my icraft shop and just concentrating on Etsy and artfire for now. I just need a spot for my handbags for now, and that's what I am doing with icraft. I love the site, but I spend way more time on the other two. Although, I have promised myself that I will work strictly on leather bags, since the fabric ones don't do very well for me. So, I will be finishing up the few custom orders that I have and a couple of other projects(collars, belts, etc.) so I can get a bunch of wallets, cuffs, and etc. cut out and ready to put together. My plan is to be prepared for the arrival of baby Ed(that's her new name) and the holiday season this year, so I am starting now. I want to get my already established designs ready to go so I can focus my time in the early Fall on a couple of new ones, mainly guitar straps and belts, and a few smaller items. I hope to have lots of pictures of my progress to share over the next few weeks, wish me luck. Happy Fourth of July all! Enjoy your festivities!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Vicicous Nose.

Vicious nose, Vicious nose, Birthday cake, Daddy gone, Oh, Etsy! Camping, Doggie, Suddenlink, Oh, Etsy!, Vicious nose. - As written and sung by Ciaran. This was his song today. I am not sure what it means but he was really rockin' it.

In other news, I finished a new cuff and I am working on a new collar. Very dark and goth, not exactly what I usually do but fun none the less. I also finished up a few little projects, mostly custom pieces for friends or orders. It feels good to be done on a Friday. Now I am off to mail off a few things and peruse the thrift stores. It should be a fun time! Happy weekend all!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heading Downtown on the Stinky Bus.

Sounds disgusting, I know. But it is all true. Our bus stinks. It is not the bus itself, but always someone getting on to the bus that makes it stinky. I hate that I am so sensitive to it. Each person's smell is their own, I guess, but when that smell over takes an entire bus and makes all the eyes on board water, noses twitch, stomachs turn, then it's more than just a personal issue. I always think back to a movie I watched many moons ago about a young man/woman who killed his/her enemies by gently spritzing them with cologne. I wish I could do the same thing without anyone noticing, or setting my own allergies off. Not anything too overbearing, but something that would just take the stink away. Today, I have a very stuffy nose and I have to do some mailing, so I have to take the bus. The days that we take the bus downtown and my nose is stuffy are the days I am thankful for.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

collars, belts, and all that fun stuff

So, in the midst of making purse straps, I started working on a new collar(very dark, and goth like) and a new belt(more like "It came from Outer Space) and now I've done it again! I have way too many ideas for one person to realistically get done. Oh well, at least they are started projects and not just swimming around in my head, where they will soon be pushed aside by other thoughts and ideas. I think it will be a productive day today! At least I'm hoping so.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Order Finish Up!

I am sitting and resting as the glue on the last couple of purse straps dry before I quickly sew them up and get ready for my next adventure. I am so happy with the outcome of everything. Especially the little skull appliques, which turned out really well with all the delicate stitching I had to do to add extra detail. It was such a nice relief to really dive into designing and working on some new pieces and the challenge of making things that resemble real life objects, and not just things that happen only in my mind was pretty cool too. So now I get to finish up the last few bits and spend the day out tomorrow replenishing my supply of leather needles and interfacing. Then home again to clean out my shop and get ready for a new batch of fun! ( I am sending some of my items out to for consignment, not closing my shop, I swear!)

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Little Things Are Important These Days

Things like getting out of bed in the morning. Getting out of the house at all during the day. Little giggles turning into laughter. Cracking a joke. Accomplishing any little task that comes about. These are all the things that we are celebrating these days. It is amazing what depression and anxiety can do to a person, so now we patiently stand by and cheer on until these things become everyday occurrences again. I have never seen myself as a cheerleader, but these days, I am playing the part quite well............I hope!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am indeed neglecting my blog duties, in fact, ALL of my duties have been neglected for a while and I apologize. I am getting back to business, I swear I am, it's just a strange time in a strange land for us here and we are just kind of floating along. It's been one thing after another this year but I am now getting back all my energy and motivation to keep going......... wish us luck, we need it right now:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Itchy, Splotchy Fun!

Here I go back to work covered with hives and my head on fire. Itchy eyes, nose, ears, and throat combined with one heck of a splotchy body and ZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! Full speed ahead. I think working through this allergy bummerness is the only way to cope. Plus I am excited about working on a fun color combination in bright pink, lime green, purple, and turquoise. I think it will be yummy! We will see how long I last before I get to uncomfortable to do anything other than lay on the couch and feel sorry for myself:)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

21 Week Belly Shot

Since I can't get Mark to take a pic of me, I took one of myself, reclining in the papa chair, covered with lint and glue from my various fruit projects and such. This is at twenty-one weeks, and now, I actually have a belly that looks like a baby belly, not a belly that looks like I have been eating and drinking way too many frosty beverages.

I am off once again to finish up my fruit pouches( my sewing machine hates me by the way) and then it's on to some little handbags. After that, who knows! Hopefully I will get to start putting together all the stuff I have cut out and ready to sew soon. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Strawberries and Watermelons

My newest project is lots of teeny tiny coin pouches in the shapes and colors of little strawberries and watermelon slices. I have been having a great time with my designing and putting together of theses little purses but it is making me crave fruit like crazy! I had dreams upon dreams about stuffing my face with strawberries and watermelons! I really want a strawberry/watermelon smoothie!

Friday, June 5, 2009

80% Chance of Girl.

We had our ultrasound on Wednesday. All looks well, and it looks like the little squirmy being in my belly is quite possibly a girl. In fact, it is now an 80% chance that this one is a girl. She had her little feet all tucked up in her lady bits so we didn't get the clearest of views but the technician showed me what she said looked very much like little girl parts. By the look of things, I have to agree. So now, I will finish growing this little being, and we shall see sometime in October.

Other than that, I am finally back to work, Mark is finally back to feeling a bit better and is back to work as well. We now have a whole lot of catching up to do, but I look forward to the challenge.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Possibly Back on Track?

Not sure if I am or not, but the last couple of days have definitely been better than the last month. I have seen the inside of more Doctor's offices and hospitals than I ever care to again. I thought I would be the reason for all the extra Dr. visits these days. Silly me! Not that it hasn't been good to get in to see all these Doctors and try to figure everything out. It just gets so hard. Each time brings a new problem or a possible answer. It seems that finally, we are closer to getting a diagnosis and I am so glad for that. All I can say is be as thankful as you can be if you are of good mental, physical, and emotional health because you have the world! It's when you don't have your health you realize how pointless it is to worry about anything else.

So I am off to take up work once more with a custom order and a gathering of goodies for a consignment order. It makes me feel good to work. I missed it. Every waking moment the last few weeks has been dedicated to the comfort of Mark and Ciaran and every other moment has been dedicated to resting and growing this baby as healthy and strong as possible. Now that I am half way through to seeing our new little guy or girl into this crazy world, I have to bust some ass! See you soon!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Half Way There.

Twenty weeks as of yesterday. Yippee! Feeling better finally. Hurray! "Beer belly" finally looks like a bump. Awesome! We will be finding out if the little one is a boy or girl on Wednesday. Hopefully, once Mark is feeling a bit better, I can actually be on the computer for more than five seconds at a time. I miss being able to write my nonsense and all the other things I used to do. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hang nails, coughing fits, and puke fests

Where did I get all these hang nails? It's not like I have been doing much to encourage them! Sore and annoying, yuck! I keep having coughing fits too! So most of Arcata thinks that I have the plague. Being out in public with a cough right now is interesting stuff! I scared another shopper at the drug store the other day with my awful cough. She bolted right out of the aisle I was in and made her way to the door like no one's business! I felt bad but had to giggle at the same time. I am well trained in appropriate coughing techniques, but I get that it bothers people, especially if they are trying to not get the plague. We also have a stomach bug floating around in our world right now. Ciaran woke up puking night before last and didn't stop until sunrise the next morning. Our house smells pretty funky and we need a new couch now. Yes, all this and Mark is still trying to find out what is going on with him. It has been a very bumpy and wild ride the last few weeks. I am looking forward to normal boringness when it comes around again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Weekend of Suck!

Travels to the ER, Urgent Care, and now a third Doctor's Appointment at Open Door Clinic to see what Mark is suffering from. It has been a hard and sleepless four days now. Especially for Mark who is seeing little relief from the most recent diagnosis of bronchitis. No sleep for him has meant no sleep for me. Mostly because I know he is worried and I want to be there to comfort him and distract him until he finds out what exactly is wrong. I decided to sit today's Doctor appointment out. I am not fully recovered from my cold yet and spent all of the day yesterday coughing and sniffling. A cold on top of being pregnant and no sleep for quite a few days has done worn me out! So I am hoping for the best today. A reassurance from this next Doctor that Mark is indeed suffering from bronchitis, or the antibiotics he is taking will start kicking in. Just something, anything to help the guy feel a little better.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still sniffling and sneezing.

It won't go away! Luckily, my sinuses are stuffy most of the time, I kind of like it that way, I have no sense of smell, so I can't smell any of the weirdness that seems to permeate this town.(Arcata is full of weird smells, they used to claim it was Eureka, but I beg to differ.) I don't think I have actually been able to smell much of anything since I was about thirteen. I've gotten used to it. It's just weird. I just feel bad for Mark and Ciaran, who are both super stuffy and not too happy about it. There is no getting used to gallons of snot continually running from your nose. It's just gross. So, I get to miss out on seeing my pal Katie's brand new baby girl(I am extremely bummed about that), and getting my long overdue coffee and a cookie(that's a big bummer too!), and a nice walk in the sun. Bummer, Bummer, Bummer. The good thing is that I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks, and my time spent inside is being used wisely.............for the most part.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Late Night Strolls through Arcata

Or I should say early morning strolls. I was complaining about not getting out that much to enjoy our surroundings and then BOOM! Mark woke up not being able to catch his breath this morning and after an hour of pacing and worrying, we were off to the ER at 2am. I got Ciaran out of bed and put on his shoes and stuck him in his stroller bundled him up, and we were out the door. We live two blocks away from the hospital so it was just enough of a walk to wake Ciaran up and get Mark feeling better. We spent the next hour sitting by Mark's side as he was checked out, only to find that they could find nothing wrong with him. The Doctor thinks he is just fighting the end of this nasty flu we all got. So, relieved and disappointed at the same time(only because Mark is still feeling poorly and is not convinced of what the Doctor said) we headed back home, slowly, very, very slowly. Ciaran was wide awake and wanted to walk, and he takes forever getting anywhere. We were lucky enough to run into a few young men, on their way home from a night of merry travels. They were so charming in their burping and staggering. Too cute! I miss my late night/early morning walks just for those hilarious moments. Anyways, we are back home, Mark is trying to rest and we are hoping for the best.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Adventures in Arcata

It seems like forever since I have been able to stroll around town and browse with Ciaran. It felt so good to get out and just enjoy some fresh air today. I had a Doctor's appointment in the middle of the day which went well, then Ciaran and I walked down to visit Mark at work. From there we managed to fit in a trip to the grocery store for dinner and then we had to hop back on the bus. So I missed my trip to the thrift store for treasure hunting. I guess it's not so bad, we get to head out again tomorrow and Monday, hopefully I can get some treasure hunting in on one of those days(and a coffee and a cookie). So that's it for now, I am off to whip up some Mac and cheese, sausages, and broccoli for our special Friday night feast. Then off to bed for me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breathing through my nose.......

Would be nice if I could, just kind of walking around with my mouth open all the time doesn't really look that attractive. At least I feel up to getting some work done. I almost reached my goal of my last post, but I cheated by taking a nap and therefore, my five billfolds have not been cut out yet. I did get this little wallet done, new and improved with more card pockets inside!

In other news, our maintenance guy is re-landscaping our front garden so no more chopping things down, or better yet, getting yelled at for not chopping things down in a time manner for me! I was pleased to finally be able to explain myself to someone who would understand. My explanation as follows: Too many fast growing herbs planted too close together+ living at the home where the only person that can actually keep things in check has terrifying allergy attacks which last for days each time she goes out to prune and plunk= FAILURE! (and lots of overgrowth) It was so nice to be understood. Thank you maintenance person, you are awesome for helping us out! I will miss my wild herb garden but I think it's the best solution at this time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just want to work on some leather and get a few things accomplished today! No more colds and feeling icky, just gotta go with it. I will get my two projects completely put together today! I will get two other projects ready to sew today! I will cut out five billfolds today! I keep saying this to myself in my head, not sure if my head will tell my body to cooperate or not. Oh well, got to give it a try though.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Snot Sucking Monsters

My house is full of them right now. First Mark, now Ciaran, and I have a slight feeling I will be next. Fun, Fun, Fun. A whole house of snotty, grumpy bodies just in time for the weekend. Yipee!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Just up and Blew Up!

Our little router died yesterday. It wouldn't even turn on. It just gave up and died. Bummer. I did learn a good lesson though. I can survive for more than a day without the Internet. It was a hard lesson, but a good one. Having the lovely computer fixer guy that I do, I was pleasantly surprised by his purchase of a new router as we made our way home from my Dr. appointment, our Internet addiction goes on!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tortoise Hell!

They're not happy. Not at all. It is supposed to be getting warmer. The rain is supposed to be gone by now. All they can do is huddle together underneath their fake sun and dream of the day they will be out in the garden again romping through the weeds and eating dandelions. Poor little friends. I feel like I should knit them both a sweater, scarf, and hat. They are so depressed they won't even eat the special treat of grapes I gave them. Come back soon, sunny warm weather!

Friday, May 1, 2009


So I have been "out" for a couple of days. Being newly pregnant in a high risky sort of way, I am up to my ears in appointments. Not really, but enough to keep me pretty darn busy. So I had my third check-up with my Doctor last night and finally got to hear the little stinkers heart beat! Such an incredible sound:) I was a little worried because on my last visit, I didn't get to hear the little one's heart beat but the Doctor did for all of two seconds. So on to today's visit to have my teeth cleaned and make an appointment to have tons of bloodwork done next week. Then I get to play with some sparkly leatha!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My newest little pouch thingy! This one is a combo coin pouch/ID/picture wallet with a card pocket. I am still considering putting the card pocket on the inside though. We'll see. I am finishing one up in plum and forest green suede and another in grey and black.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Sister's New Shop!

She just started a cafepress shop called punkoweenshop. She has a couple of really cool designs to offer right now and will be adding more soon. I am saving up my money so I can get myself a maternity tee and a cool little onesie from her. Congrats on your new shop Kiara! Much success to you:)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Travel Wallets and Little Pouches

I am taking the day to sew a couple of them up. I haven't made any travel wallets in a while. I am excited to get back to them. I am working in springy pastel colors for the most part with a couple of pouches in darker greens, black, and plum. Should be fun! Then we are off to find Mr. Ciaran a little table and chair so he can graduate from the little bouncy seat that he no longer fits in. Wish us luck:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Snoring Contest Round Two!

So I woke up in a panic this morning because I thought Mark was having some sort of horrific asthma attack. I would hear SNOOOOORRRE, SNOOOOOOOOOORRRRRE, SNNNNNNOOOOORRRRE, then GRRRRRRRRRR, GRRRRRRRRRR, GRRRRRRRR. As it turns out Mark was just snoring but Ciaran who was awake in his crib was growling in an imitation of the noise his daddy was making. Mark would snore and then pause for a few seconds then Ciaran would growl for a few seconds and on and on. Too funny!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Much To Say Today.

Because I am slightly overwhelmed at the moment. Nothing horrible, just an angry urge to set someone I have never met straight, so they stop causing very much unneeded stress and hurt for people that I love and care about. Hearing of this person's antics makes me want to be the best possible person I can be to my family and friends, but, I just can't help thinking that if this person were to disappear off of the face of the earth, it might not be a bad thing. Sorry, but being intentionally evil to other people just pisses me off.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Play in The Dirt!

Ciaran and I went for a walk yesterday and it kicked ass! The day was beautiful, sunny, and warm. I actually had a little bit of energy and felt alright so that made all the difference in the world. Ciaran loves to walk in the field behind Pacific Union School, so we headed down that way to spend some time together in the sun. We said "Hi!" to the neighbors' sheep, the alpaca and goats down the way, and the chickens at the farm on the field. Then we sat down and just played in the dirt. Ciaran with this little matchbox racer and me with a stick. It was so nice just to sit in the field in the sun and play. I forgot how much I like to play in the dirt. I am glad Ciaran was there to remind me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Wasps Have Gone Bye-Bye!

Well for now, thank goodness. I watched one start a nest yesterday, actually very fascinating to watch. It broke my heart to pull it down and spray our eaves with yucky stinky stuff to deter them but I have no choice. I am very likely allergic to their stings and can't take the chance on getting stung or my little guy for that matter. He seems to be much more like his dad where these things go, but why take a chance. I just wish I had gotten a picture of the queen wasp and the start of the nest before they were both gone. The wasp was HUGE and lovely and the nest was just this beautiful delicate paper flower looking thing. Amazing creatures they truly are! I still only want to admire them from afar though.

So now it's back to hand washing my winter sweaters, finishing up some overdue projects, cutting out and sewing some maternity clothes, and experimenting with new cuffs and collars. Which feels good, since now I have a little extra energy to do it all! Yay!

Monday, April 20, 2009

There is just not enough!

I keep going from being sick to my stomach to feeling like there is just not enough food in this world to keep my tummy full. Such a weird feeling! I just made myself a HUGE bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich and I am still hungry! Eek! I know that the second I eat something else, I will feel sick to my stomach full so I am trying to distract myself with other things for a couple of minutes while my sandwich makes it way to my stomach. This is going to be an exciting adventure!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

We are blessed with a very sunny and warmish day today. Not only that but my honey has a car for the week and will be taking us on a little adventure later. What fun! So far I have spent my day deterring a wasp from starting a nest under the eaves of our apartment, hand washing my few pieces of clothing that fit right now, and deciding on what type of swivel clips to buy for my next round of wallet making. Now I look forward to finishing up a couple of projects and getting ready for a little adventure. Today will probably be a little drive to the coffee place for a cookie and a warm and slightly jittery beverage for me and the boy and then a drive through the bottoms to say hi to the cows. Always fun:)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Newest Cuff

I finished this one up yesterday and now I have the bug. I want to make a lot more, similar in design and detail. My next will be another merperson theme cuff with lots of blues and greens and some little green and blue beaded accents. Yipee! Here is to having fun!:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Strange Little Bees

We have a little mystery in our house today. I have noticed some little tiny blackish, goldish bees(at least they look like bees) on our kitchen floor, always in the same spot, on their little backs wriggling around. They all appear to be dying and harmless but they are still freaking me out! I don't know where they would be coming from. We have checked all the cabinets, light fixtures, door frames, etc. and can't find any noticeable hole or way to get in. So I guess for now, we just have bees. I am used to bees because I grew up in a house where one whole side was a gigantic beehive that exploded with honeybees every couple of years. It got so bad at times that we had honey oozing from cracks in the walls, our wall constantly buzzed, and the little suckers made their way through nail holes, light fixtures, etc. It was a nightmare for me, only because I am allergic to the little boogers. Otherwise, a very interesting experience. I just want our new little friends to stay on the outside. As much as I love bees and the good things they do, I only want to appreciate them from afar.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Island of Misfit Cats

So, I am getting an order ready for a friend of mine to pick up today. As I am walking over to the window to shed some natural light on the wallet to make sure it is all perfect and ready to go, I step in something funky and wet. I look at the bottom of my foot to realize that I just stepped in cat puke............ew. This seems to happen a lot in my house. Little bouts of puke taking everyone by surprise. It was a lot worse when there were three misfit kitties terrorizing us with their many physical and mental problems.

You see, we have a habit of adopting special needs cats. Whether they are considered special needs by their veterinary doctors or specialists in the field is besides the point. We live with them, we see what goes on. There is Yui, the huge tabby, scared of his own shadow, a diagnosed epileptic and hairball thrower-upper. Then there is Mac who thinks she is rabid, acts like she is rabid, and I would say "Yes, she is rabid, don't touch her, she'll bite!" but she has been like that since kittenhood and remains "rabid" twelve years later. Not to mention Ms. Humbug Beazus, who passed away in January. Ms. Humbug was not only allergic to fleas, she spent most of her life bald from the belly down. Her little tail looked like a truffula tree. She also suffered from kitty dementia, and a little problem with um "odor" here and there. She also puked almost everyday from kittenhood. Despite all their problems, we love them, and couldn't ever think of life without them. We could do without the puking and the grouchiness though. Oh, and the climbing in the trash, licking the counters and the butter dish in the middle of the night, climbing into my scrap leather box and pushing all the scraps on the floor, sleeping on the clean laundry, opening all the kitchen cabinets in the middle of the night, scrunching up the bath mat and peeing on it..................all this and so much more. We love you anyways misfit cats.