Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Island of Misfit Cats

So, I am getting an order ready for a friend of mine to pick up today. As I am walking over to the window to shed some natural light on the wallet to make sure it is all perfect and ready to go, I step in something funky and wet. I look at the bottom of my foot to realize that I just stepped in cat puke............ew. This seems to happen a lot in my house. Little bouts of puke taking everyone by surprise. It was a lot worse when there were three misfit kitties terrorizing us with their many physical and mental problems.

You see, we have a habit of adopting special needs cats. Whether they are considered special needs by their veterinary doctors or specialists in the field is besides the point. We live with them, we see what goes on. There is Yui, the huge tabby, scared of his own shadow, a diagnosed epileptic and hairball thrower-upper. Then there is Mac who thinks she is rabid, acts like she is rabid, and I would say "Yes, she is rabid, don't touch her, she'll bite!" but she has been like that since kittenhood and remains "rabid" twelve years later. Not to mention Ms. Humbug Beazus, who passed away in January. Ms. Humbug was not only allergic to fleas, she spent most of her life bald from the belly down. Her little tail looked like a truffula tree. She also suffered from kitty dementia, and a little problem with um "odor" here and there. She also puked almost everyday from kittenhood. Despite all their problems, we love them, and couldn't ever think of life without them. We could do without the puking and the grouchiness though. Oh, and the climbing in the trash, licking the counters and the butter dish in the middle of the night, climbing into my scrap leather box and pushing all the scraps on the floor, sleeping on the clean laundry, opening all the kitchen cabinets in the middle of the night, scrunching up the bath mat and peeing on it..................all this and so much more. We love you anyways misfit cats.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I knew I liked you! We have three special cats (one deaf, one angry, one scaredy-cat) an ugly old dog and an anti-social guinea pig! They-along with my hormonal teen, loquacious 9 (don't forget the half) year old and a brooding artist husband make my life complete!

nicaeli said...


Life just wouldn't be the same without all that personality!:)