Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Designs or More of the Same?

That is what my dilemma is this week. I am all done with crazy paperwork stuff and moving on to some intensive sewing projects. Mainly for me, I am in desperate need of bigger, stretchier clothes these days, has something to do with that whole being pregnant again thing. (Yes, I finally get to spill the beans! thirteen and a half weeks and excited, nervous, happy, overwhelmed, and of course sicker than a dog:) So I will be making a couple of skirts for myself, and a top or two. Should be fun. I miss sewing for myself. So, finding the time to sew for myself on top of stocking up my shops, and coming up with new designs is a bit much right now. I am pretty happy with the designs I have established already, but I always want to challenge myself more. So I continually think of improvements or new designs. It's driving me bonkers! I guess I will take the day to clean-up, organize, and get those thoughts all put in place in my head. I am sure I will eventually come to a decision..............and then I will probably change my mind...........again!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Congratulations! Such super news...take pics as your belly blossoms!

nicaeli said...

Thanks so much! I will definitely take some pics of the belly once we get out of the "ate a full dinner with extra dessert and one too many beers" look:)