Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My New Facebook Page

It's nothing super exciting but it's here!  My new page for Oh Nicaeli!  Thanks for stopping by:)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eyeglass Case from Oh Nicaeli!

I think I really like this one.  It took my a while to list it in my shop because I was pretty sure it would be my eyeglass case.  I changed my mind though, I couldn't keep it all to myself.  I love the shimmery white leather,  it looks really good with so many different colors.  I am hoping to have enough pieces left when I am done so I can make at least one collar and one cuff from it. 

In other news, I get to make a new vivarium!  One for Louie formerly known as Lulu to permanently reside in.  Yes, Lulu grew boy parts at the last minute and surprised us all.  We thought about finding him a new home but he's so darn cute and so calm, I just can't!  Luckily I now have a variety of small plants to work with for his vivarium.  I get to make the background and everything this time!  I'm crossing my fingers that it all goes as smoothly as the first two did.  I swear, if I could make a vivarium every day I would! 

I am also working on a new page for Oh Nicaeli!  it's going slow though.  I hope to have it all squared away by early March if I can help it.  I will announce it here and on my other page as soon as it is all ready to go.  Hopefully more sooner than later.  It all depends on how much time my munchkins will let me sulk behind the computer screen before they go nuts and tear up the house:)

Until next time.......... 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Well That Went By Fast

The last time I wrote was really the 3rd?  Shame on me!  Although, it's been pretty quiet around here.  The only news being our search for a new apartment or house and Lulu seeming to be more of a Louie than a Lulu.  All is good.  Even though Lulu may be a Louie we are still excited to have the opportunity to build another living vivarium.  Should be fun!  We will give it a few more months just in case.  Since Lulu/Louie is still quiet small and it's really hard to tell what is going on with his/her private parts:) 

In other news, I now have a five year old who does not nap so I am trying my darnedest to keep him engaged in one thing or another each afternoon.  I really want him to be as prepared as possible for Kindergarten in the fall so I am trying lots of different "teacherly but fun" activities with him.  I am also working on a new custom coin pouch which is going nicely and hopefully, I will get it all done and ready to go today!  I am also growing my own little supply of terrarium/vivarium plants for my new found obsession.  So far, I have some pilea "moon valley", string of hearts, and a super cute "oak leaf" ficus.  I hope to add to these over the next few weeks, I have a LOT of ideas:)

So that's it for now!  I hope to have a few more leathery items to share with you soon.   I cleaned up my secret lab once again so there really is no excuse not to sew.  Although, I always find one:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

This Week in a Nutshell


and lots of it.  I caught a nasty cold and my body and my mood are just plain snotty!  I did manage to get a few things listed and today I am actually working on some unfinished leathery goodness but I'm just a big snotty mess otherwise.  I am crossing my fingers that next week is better.
At least my mood today is better than it was earlier in the week.  Thanks to sleep and gluten free carrot cake cookies:)  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!