Friday, October 28, 2011

The New Girl

This is our Beazus, future BFF of Lulu. Beazus is a flame morph crested gecko. She is super awesome! She will be hangin' out in her quarantine enclosure for a couple more weeks before we put her in with Lulu. It could be a while longer since Lulu is still pretty little. We hope they will be good friends and even better roommates. Lulu is getting bigger by the day but we really want to make sure that she can hold her own if any crestie squabbles break out when they are introduced. We just discovered that Lulu is a Dalmatian morph crested gecko. I panicked the other day when I saw that she was starting to get black spots all over her body. I thought she might be getting moldy or something! Luckily, I had just looked at a bunch of pictures of different morphs and found a few that look exactly like Lulu. So here's to hopin' that the awesome twosome have great lives together:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Can't Decide.....

If I love this or hate it. I spent the weekend working on this just to get it off of my work table once and for all. I need a new diaper bag/handbag and had cut this one out a while back to make for myself. I think I like it, but it's just, well, HUGE! and BRIGHT! I love the bright pink but the size of it freaks me out. I know it will come in handy on my day long trips here and there where I need to have lots of back up stuff for the kiddos. I guess I kind of love it in a hateful kind of way. If that even makes sense:)

In other news, I am trying to keep myself busy since my mom passed away. I feel really good when I am working and really need the distraction. I just have a hard time getting started on anything. My mind wanders naturally(ADD and all) so now it is just jumping all over the place! One thing that is helping is my upcoming show. I know I have to have some leathery things ready for that. I have piles and piles of leathery goodness to put together. So, my next few weeks will be filled with gluing, sewing, and more sewing. My mom and I were going to share a table and sell our wares but with her death, I will be the only one there. We are planning to keep my mom's space to sell her ponchos and baby jackets to hopefully make a little money for my Dad, who really needs it right now. It's going to be one weird and lonely show without her:(

Beazus is still in quarantine, and will probably be there for a couple more weeks. She is settling in nicely though. She eats well, she's active, she's curious, and eats while hanging upside down by her tail. She sleeps all day curled up like a little cat underneath her gecko cave. Lulu is just awesome as well, she also hangs upside down to eat at night. I can't wait to introduce them!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lulu Has a Buddy!

I don't have a picture of her yet, but she is one gorgeous gecko! We've decide to call her Beazus, after Humbug Beazus. They share a similar coloration. Hopefully she doesn't have the same grouchy streak as Humbug did. I saw her and fell in love with her, and she is even more lovely in person! Cross your fingers for a good long happy life for Lulu and her new friend Beazus!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Changed My Shop Name

It is now Oh Nicaeli! I wanted to name it that from the very beginning but for some reason I never did. So now that we can change our shop names through Etsy, I gave it a go! Someday soon, I will also have a LOT of leathery things to offer. I am back to sewing and it feels good to be busy. I look forward to sharing my newest collection of leathery things to you:)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Not you too Yui!

Our bestest cat Yui is fighting old age but old age is apparently winning. We think our sweet little tabby man is at the end of his days with us. All we can do now is make him as comfortable as possible. Yui has been such a trooper and the sweetest and most loving kitty we've known so far. Not only has he battled epilepsy for most of his years with us, he's also put up with the very opinionated and sometimes more than grouchy Humbug and Mac. He was twice as big as both of them but always let them have their way just to keep the peace. Such a sweet patient soul.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

She's Two Now

Miss Edolie Evangeline turned two on Friday. Although we are in shock and so incredibly sad about my mom's passing. We decided that it would be good for all of us to keep on with the celebration. We had quite a party! I think Ed had one rockin' time and Grammy would have wanted it that way:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It All Started With A Headache........

What started as a "neck spasm" on Thursday turned in to a massive stroke the next Monday morning. We lost my mom on Saturday October 8th, 2011. We are so lucky that we got to spend time with her before she died. We are so glad that we had the opportunity to say goodbye. We love and miss her so much.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!

October is here! I love it! I also love that it came in with clouds and rain. It makes my heart happy. Today the family and I will celebrate by heading downtown for a cookie and some coffe and to look at what is left of Pastels on the Plaza, a fundraiser for Northcoast Children's Services.

I am busting through my stack of leathery things, getting lots o' appliques cut and glued! I am even working on a special project out of super bright pink leather, I won't give it away at the moment, I'll just show you when it's all done and ready to be worn:)

Have a great day all!