Monday, October 24, 2011

I Can't Decide.....

If I love this or hate it. I spent the weekend working on this just to get it off of my work table once and for all. I need a new diaper bag/handbag and had cut this one out a while back to make for myself. I think I like it, but it's just, well, HUGE! and BRIGHT! I love the bright pink but the size of it freaks me out. I know it will come in handy on my day long trips here and there where I need to have lots of back up stuff for the kiddos. I guess I kind of love it in a hateful kind of way. If that even makes sense:)

In other news, I am trying to keep myself busy since my mom passed away. I feel really good when I am working and really need the distraction. I just have a hard time getting started on anything. My mind wanders naturally(ADD and all) so now it is just jumping all over the place! One thing that is helping is my upcoming show. I know I have to have some leathery things ready for that. I have piles and piles of leathery goodness to put together. So, my next few weeks will be filled with gluing, sewing, and more sewing. My mom and I were going to share a table and sell our wares but with her death, I will be the only one there. We are planning to keep my mom's space to sell her ponchos and baby jackets to hopefully make a little money for my Dad, who really needs it right now. It's going to be one weird and lonely show without her:(

Beazus is still in quarantine, and will probably be there for a couple more weeks. She is settling in nicely though. She eats well, she's active, she's curious, and eats while hanging upside down by her tail. She sleeps all day curled up like a little cat underneath her gecko cave. Lulu is just awesome as well, she also hangs upside down to eat at night. I can't wait to introduce them!

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