Friday, October 28, 2011

The New Girl

This is our Beazus, future BFF of Lulu. Beazus is a flame morph crested gecko. She is super awesome! She will be hangin' out in her quarantine enclosure for a couple more weeks before we put her in with Lulu. It could be a while longer since Lulu is still pretty little. We hope they will be good friends and even better roommates. Lulu is getting bigger by the day but we really want to make sure that she can hold her own if any crestie squabbles break out when they are introduced. We just discovered that Lulu is a Dalmatian morph crested gecko. I panicked the other day when I saw that she was starting to get black spots all over her body. I thought she might be getting moldy or something! Luckily, I had just looked at a bunch of pictures of different morphs and found a few that look exactly like Lulu. So here's to hopin' that the awesome twosome have great lives together:)

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