Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Sleep

While I am waiting in line to spend some time with the flu, I have been lucky enough to be stricken with insomnia once again. I've Been awake since 2am fidgeting and dreaming of the day I will be able to fall asleep at night and wake up the next morning without getting up two or three times a night because of:

A. small child in crib who lost her pacifier
B. snoring man in my bedroom
C. small boy who just wants to hang on the couch and watch trucks at 4am
D. feline who climbs everything, scratches everything, and harasses older, wiser feline out of boredom

It's all o.k. though, I get to catch up on computer time, something I don't get to do much during the day anymore, and especially when Mark is home. I also designed a couple new pieces this morning while I watched "Dawn of The Dead" for the millionth time. So now, I sit with a cup of tea and some crackers and enjoy a little peace and quiet before thing one and two and their big sick daddy are all up in my business. Have a great day all!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Everyone in this house is sick again! That means that I'll be sick again too. What the heck man! I don't want the flu, and I can't run away and hide. I just get to sit here and face my doom. If I make it out from under this one I will be the happiest person alive!

So, this is all just getting ridiculous. I NEED to get my butt back to sewing now, and I can't! Argghhh!!!!!

Thanks so much Germy Mcgermy pants and all your friends, you have ruined my plans once again!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Evening Walk

I got a rare moment to myself the other night and sent myself out on an evening walk with just my ipod in hand. It was lovely and warmish out, in between rain storms as well. I got to see the next set of storm clouds moving in and among them I spied:

a very large and lumpy caterpillar eating a screaming baby elephant,

an evil ghost puppy,

and a swimming rabbit.

I love the images clouds can make, it was truly awesome.

I also spied a splat of bird poop on the sidewalk beneath me with a twig on top of it. Together, the poop and the twig formed the most beautiful white butterfly. Yay for Mother Nature!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Think the Lung Monster is Gone Now

It crawled into my lung and made itself at home over a week ago. Now it seems like it may have finally vacated, although it may have left some of it's belongings behind. I can finally breath without wheezing. My chest doesn't gurgle when I breath anymore. It doesn't feel like someone is constantly sitting on my chest, and the cough is finally on the way out. I think I am way over the whole illness thing. I just want to move on and have some fun!

I'm working on a few new pieces right now, nothing super fabulous but just being able to work a little bit raises my spirits. I just have to keep that in my head for the down days. If I can just do a little bit of work it makes all the difference in the world!

So the plan for this week is to get some stuff done, prepare for Mark's 40th birthday and try to get out and have some fun in between rain storms. Yay for better health!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Still Waiting......

For whatever crawled it's way into my lung and made itself at home, to vacate. I made sure to let it know it wasn't welcome. It did not listen. Now I sit here in the big chair once again wheezing and coughing and gurgling. This sucks!

I think this one has pushed me over the edge. I am convinced that my butt is now the shape of this chair. I am also convinced that come better weather I will have to roll out the door in order to get anywhere....... Or, maybe crawl, or slither, or scoot. That should go over well with the neighbors!

Oh well, sickness sucks, and whining doesn't do anything to make it better, but I am fed up and ready to move on now, just wish my body would be ready to.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some New Stuff

In between wheezing and coughing and chasing small children around I finished three billfolds! They are now added to my Etsy shop and there are more to come! Just got to get over this weird asthmatic weirdness first.

New Digs For The Tortoises!

Abner and Imogene have needed a new habitat forever! The poor little souls were in a reptarium that had seen better days due to Abner's claws, Syd the cat's claws, and just general wear and tear. It had started to become a catch all for our mail and anything I didn't want to kiddos to get in to. I decided on a more sturdy aluminum screen cage for the shelled wonders. It's a bit smaller which is unfortunate, but roomy enough for the little critters to move around and climb as they like. I also got a table specifically to fit the cage so I can have my coffee table back!

I am also in the process of planning an outdoor enclosure for them for the summer so they can get out and get fresh air and sunshine which will be so good for them. The outdoor enclosure is much bigger and I can move it around for them which I like a lot! We will finally be able to utilize our outdoor space for something good! The torts will have a place to play and me and the kiddos will be able to get outside too!

I am crossing my fingers for a sunshine-y summer, but I'll take a little bit of fog too:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What I Had Planned Was......

To get some wallets sewn up, then clean up my sewing area so we could make room for the new tortoise cage. I feel like I'm lagging a bit in getting stuff done so far this year and I really just wanted my Friday to be all about sewing and catching up.

What I actually did was wake up at 12am on Friday morning to the news of a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Luckily, I clicked on the weather channel to discover a tsunami warning for our area. So, I spent the morning glued to the TV, radio, and computer to keep track of what was happening and packing us up with emergency food and water. Once the tsunami hit Hawaii, I woke up Mark and the kids and we all headed towards town just to be on the safe side.

We aren't super close to the water, but we are just right down the way from the low lying farm lands that we call the "Arcata Bottoms" and the Mad River. So as we headed downtown on foot, We watched car after car head away from the danger area and were warned by some wonderful people of the tsunami threat. Just as we turned the corner to head towards the middle of town we heard the warning sirens in the distance and noticed planes flying overhead. We tromped on over to the donut shop for a breakfast treat and to take a breather while we decided what to do with ourselves for the rest of the morning and afternoon if need be. It was so weird to plan a day full of our regular activities for the kids knowing what had happened in Japan and what might happen here. Even so, after donuts and milk we got some fancy coffees and planted ourselves at Mark's work for updates, etc. Once there, we heard about Crescent City's harbor being thrashed and a lot of the other damage and road closures. Scary stuff for sure. I am so thankful we are safe and so very sad for everything that has happened in Japan.

I decided to take the kids to the plaza and let them just run and play and enjoy the sun before we headed home. Ed took the opportunity to roll around in the mud and Ciaran spent his time admiring the daffodils and the trucks and buses that made their way around the plaza. It seemed that there were a lot of people downtown that had done the same thing and were just waiting to hear when it would be safe to head back home. It was nice to have company for sure.

So now I am very tired and a little jumpy. Happy we're still here but sad at the same time. Hoping that I can sleep through the night without waking up in a panic over things I can't control.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Weekend!

..............and I'm feeling it today! Although, I did get a few pictures of my newest coin pouch! I know, I know, I am making a lot of things in violet suede these days. I just can't help it! I love the color and I just can't stop myself!

The weekend started with a "girl's" night full of yummy fry bread tacos, drinks, and lots of silliness and laughter. Then Saturday was catch-up day (because all I did Friday was clean and cook) I did my mailing, a little bit of shopping and errand running all in the pouring rain, and Sunday was movie day. It was Ed's first theater movie and she had a blast watching "Rango" with her brother, cousin, and her Auntie. Then home to do some odd chores and such. I was comatose by 10pm, and woke up to Ciaran demanding to watch Sponge Bob and "a breakfast".

So today is that day that where I wish to just sit and relax, but I am doing laundry while cleaning off my sewing table and shopping for a new tortoise cage and stand, and planning Ed's move into Ciaran's room and the cleaning and organizing of both bedrooms. A little much to do in one day, but at least I made a dent and I'm going with that for now. Happy Monday everyone!