Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Digs For The Tortoises!

Abner and Imogene have needed a new habitat forever! The poor little souls were in a reptarium that had seen better days due to Abner's claws, Syd the cat's claws, and just general wear and tear. It had started to become a catch all for our mail and anything I didn't want to kiddos to get in to. I decided on a more sturdy aluminum screen cage for the shelled wonders. It's a bit smaller which is unfortunate, but roomy enough for the little critters to move around and climb as they like. I also got a table specifically to fit the cage so I can have my coffee table back!

I am also in the process of planning an outdoor enclosure for them for the summer so they can get out and get fresh air and sunshine which will be so good for them. The outdoor enclosure is much bigger and I can move it around for them which I like a lot! We will finally be able to utilize our outdoor space for something good! The torts will have a place to play and me and the kiddos will be able to get outside too!

I am crossing my fingers for a sunshine-y summer, but I'll take a little bit of fog too:)

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