Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Had A Blast 2010!

This is how we spent the day after Christmas this year. Lots of creativity! Santa brought the kiddos some window crayons and both Edolie and Ciaran decorated our deck windows with the loveliest drawings. Ed also tasted the crayons just to make sure that they were safe to use. Her reaction was exactly what I thought it would be, she walked around the living room drooling and saying "blah, blah, blah" My girl the taste tester.

So now we are all snuggled together watching the rain and cartoons. I have visions of a big sushi dinner on New Year's Eve and a whole bunch of leathery projects to occupy my time after the big holiday let down.(It always feels a little off to me for the first few days of the new year, I love the holiday season so.) I plan to get two of my collars done this weekend and then start stocking up my shops again with leathery goodness. I can't believe the new year is just around the corner. I will miss you 2010, you were good to me, but I look forward to you 2011 for a whole new wild ride!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays to All!

I'm just sitting here waiting for some goodies from the oven to finish baking, drinking coffee, and watching a storm come in. Ciaran and Edolie are way too excited and bouncing off the walls but it's happy bouncing for the most part, so I don't mind. Although, naptime sure is looking good right now! I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. Big hugs from me to you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm up and working early this fine morning thanks to Ed. She woke up soaked and took FOREVER to fall back asleep. I had planned on going back to sleep myself but now I can't. My brain won't let me. It is far to excited about the day........and so is the rest of me. I finished up my secret lab work for the most part, so today is all about collecting the last few bits of Christmas-y goodness to get ready for the big day.

The "Not Too Late" craft fair was AMAZING! I was so happy to be a part of the whole thing. I met a lot of really wonderful people, saw and bought some amazing work from other artists, and made a few sales myself! So many that in fact, I will be getting back to work in the lab right after Christmas to restock my shops. I actually have a few new pieces to list but I had to put off taking pictures in order to get my gifties done, and the lighting here sucks right now, it's been stormy every day for a week at least!

Nothing else is really happening at the moment. I'm just trying to take in every minute that I can and really enjoy the holidays. It's a whole new world sharing the holidays with two little ones and it makes everything that much more cheery and festive. No stress, just love and appreciation here, that's what it's supposed to be all about right?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Not Too Late!

To do a craft's fair! Yay! I got into the "Not Too Late" craft fair! My leathery goodness and I will be vending amongst other super talented peoples at the Arcata United Methodist Church this Saturday, December 18th. I am SO happy to do be doing a fair! I didn't expect to do any at all and now I get to do one! I don't have a ton of stuff but I do have a few things ready and I am sewing madly today and tomorrow to make my way through a small stack of wallets and coin pouches for the occasion. I met my goal for this year and that's a good thing. Come by and say hi! if you are in the area. AUMC is located at 1761 11th street in Arcata.

Other exciting news is that I am seeing a lot of progress with the little eggs! One is developing veins and such, and the other is just chilling, developing it's little white spot. Little tiny tortoises are awesome. Keep your fingers crossed that the little ones will develop and hatch into healthy, happy little shelled wonders.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clogged Toilets and Other Mini Disasters

Clogged toilets are uncomfortable, especially when their contents back up into your shower and your not completely sure that the "contents" that you see were made by your family. Thus is life today, waiting around for a plumber sans shower and shampoo. We'll just hope he comes sooner than later and can help us out with our little "clog" at least Ciaran will be excited since he can pee outside again.

We were also fortunate enough to have locked ourselves out of the house the other day, leaving all cash, diapers, etc. lying by the front door. It seems that our once not so secure door that if you wiggled the doorknob enough it would "click" and unlock itself has resumed it's protective nature and now locks and won't budge, even for me! The same with our back door, which used to just unlock as it pleased. No extra keys, one is with my parents( who never answer their phone, and the other is with my sister who can't answer her phone unless she is taking a break at work) Thank goodness we had rain gear and I had one way bus fare in my pocket! We ended up taking a nice long walk downtown, checking out the Christmas lights and such. We met Mark at work and rode the bus home with him. I still feel like a bonehead for leaving my bag behind, but we had a lovely evening because of it. Even got some homemade cheese pizza out of the deal!

All in all, it sucks but it doesn't suck because it's all nothing that can't be fixed. Just a lot to happen in just a couple of days. I hear that Mercury IS in retrograde again though. I think I'll be treading lightly about the next few weeks.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I found a surprise yesterday. Imogene laid another egg. Now the little makeshift incubator has two little eggs snugly tucked inside. The first egg is just going, going, going. Lookin' good! The second one, is not quite there yet, again, it will be few days before we can tell if it's fertile or not. I'm crossing my fingers though.

So, I was thinking I would offer some free shipping in my Etsy shop this month. I decided to just get into the groove of the holidays and just do it! So all my leathery goods ship free through the end of December! Happy Holidays everyone! Y'all ROCK!

I'll post pics of the eggs in a few days after we get the thumbs up or down about it. They sure are cute little eggs, can't believe they came out of such a little tortoise.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Day!

Today is the last day to get 10% off in my Etsy shop(coupon code THANKS2010) or free shipping in my Artfire studio(YEAH2010). Enjoy!

In other news, I'm still workin' away. Lots of gluing and sewing and concocting in the lab these days. I managed to get a few minutes to check out the Eureka Inn's Christmas Tree Decorating party. It was so good to see the Inn up and running again, especially with so many people out to celebrate it's return. Ciaran and his cousin Iszy brought a couple of ornaments to help decorate it's beautiful tree. I don't know about anyone else, but it sure helped to get me excited about the holidays!

The egg is also busy growing and growing. It looks like it is a fertile one! I am so happy about that! I just hope all goes well and we have a new little shelled wonder to welcome into the world. Keep your fingers crossed and let's think happy thoughts for the little egg!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I just wanted to post a little note to let you all know that I have two sales going on in my shops for the holiday weekend. Starting on Friday the 26th( my lovely sister's birthday!) I will be offering 10% off of all items in my Etsy shop and free shipping in my Artfire shop. Both sales will go through Monday the 29th at midnight. Have fun and I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The newest of the new all ready for new homes! These ones are all in my Etsy shop, I am listing a few new pieces on Artfire later today. I am moving right along. I have a few more round coin pouches to put together and I will be working on those along with my custom orders this week. My custom orders should be fun and I would tell you more but they are both Christmas gifts so I can't spill the beans quite yet!

Not much else is going on right now other than the overwhelming feeling of needing to be outside! I think all the time spent this past meanwhile of being inside so much has made me want to get out and stomp around rain or shine! Now that Ciaran has a rain coat, there is no stopping us! Well, I guess soggy, cold feet are about the only thing. So in between adventures in sewing and listing things in my shops, I will be trying to get the kidlets out as much as I possibly can. Back to the days of long, long walks, playing at the park, and stops for cookies and coffee along the way. Yay!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eggs and Other Things

Imogene the tortoise laid an egg the other day. I have been so busy making up an incubator for the little eggie-poo so it may possibly hatch. (I'll post a pic as soon as the temperature inside the incubator regulates so you all can see it.)

So now that the incubator is all set up and the egg is safely nestled inside, I can move on back to sewing and getting my shops stocked up. I should have a whole bunch of billfolds ready by the end of the day and hopefully two or three round coin pouches too. If all goes well, I'll be finished with everything that is in limbo by the end of the week!

I also have a couple of custom orders to finish and I am signing up for a craft fair in mid December so I can reach my goal of at least doing one fair this year. All in all, I am working hard and having fun at the same time. The way it should be I guess, I can't complain at all!

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Friends

I've added a few new pieces to my Artfire and Etsy shops and I will have a whole bunch more to add in the coming days. The next round will be round coin pouches, billfolds, and bookmarks. Then hopefully after that, I will get to make a few wristlets and cuffs. It all depends on the lovely and wild twosome that I share my home with. They have a way of keeping me sane and driving me crazy at the same time. Anyways, thanks for looking and enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Friends

I have been going through some of my inventory from craft fairs gone by and I found these guys hiding at the bottom of a box of my handmade copper ornaments. I forgot all about my love affair with hair sticks. I made so many of these a few years back that my hands and arms and fingertips were sore for a week straight! I think I may be listing a few of them here and there as well as some of my ornaments and pendants. I feel the need to find my old friends new homes so they aren't just sitting around waiting for the next craft show to show off their sparkly little selves.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Additions

A couple of new things here to share. Two of my newer wallets which are now listed in my Etsy shop. I am still working on getting some round coin pouches done without pulling my hair out! It's getting the zipper to fit right and look right in the little boogers which is taking so much time. So I decided to take a break from them and start this week with some bookmarks . Those are easy and fun to make. You should be seeing them soon in both my shops. Beyond that I have some billfolds, card wallets, and some fancy little wristlet/pouch dealies to put together. I hope all will be finished and listed by serious holiday shoppin' time. Wish me luck!:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

So Halloween was a hot crazy blast this year. Last year's super mellow day of festivities and mourning (RIP Mac) were shot to heck this year with the addition of a one year old and my six year old niece. Miss Iszabow helped to get things started on Saturday with a pre-spooky day sleep over.

Most of the day Sunday was spent with me in the kitchen making and baking. I made everyone chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast with homemade whipped cream and more chocolate chips for topping. Everyone gladly ate theirs except for Ciaran who we actually had to force to take one bite! He did try them and seemed pretty pleased that he did.( PICKY EATER!)

We ended up at the plaza for Trick or Treat time and had a blast! We had my sister and darling nephew join us for the fun. It is such a great feeling to be out in the community with so many people having fun and dressed up in some very creative costumes.

Then we headed back home for a night of pumpkin soup, homemade bread, Jack O' Lanterns, homemade hot apple cider, spooky movies and paranormal shows, and the promise of a little bit of sleep for me.( I had been up for three nights in a row with Ed, I was a little grumpy by the end of the evening to say the least!)

And that was it! A wonderful, joyful experience once again! Halloween just keeps getting better and better. I even made the promise that I would dress up next year. I just hope I can follow through!

Now back to the secret lab for some leathery goodness!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Things and A Sale!

Some of my newest pieces just listed in my Etsy shop. I am really diggin' the magenta one. I love the stars and the little blue dots. I think I may play with this design idea a bit. I am hoping the new year brings me the ability to work on some larger size totes and sling bags. I would love to do some simple shaped bags with appliqued pieces here and there, that would be AWESOME!

In other news, I am having a sale in my Artfire studio in honor of Halloween. Everything listed is 10% off from Friday October 29th through Wednesday November 3rd.

I am spending this rainy day making bookmarks and contemplating getting the kiddos out of the house. I need the exercise but I sure don't feel like getting out in the rain today. I am thinking that I will probably end up outside whether or not I feel like it. I am up against a three year old and a teething one year old after all. Have a great day all!

Monday, October 25, 2010

This Week's Adventure

I am busily working on more leathery things for the holidays as well as some homemade Christmas presents and the like. This wonderful week of spookiness is all about costumes though. I am making a skirt, hat, apron, and booties for Ed's debut as a little Autumn gnome, and I am getting all spaced out making Ciaran into a mini Vulcan complete with hair, eyebrows, and a little silver enterprise badge. We tried out Ciaran's make-up over the weekend and he loved it! He even made a little video of himself as Spock dancin up a storm. It was AWESOME!

I am having the greatest time! I always wanted really cool costumes for Halloween but for some reason, I never really got them. I think because we were expected to make them ourselves and that's kind of hard when your little and have very limited sewing/constructing knowledge. So I promised myself that when Ciaran and Ed wanted costumes, I was all theirs for the spooky season.

So that's what this week is about. I will also be hosting a sleep over, making spooky marshmallow krispy squares, hot apple cider, soul cakes, and HOPEFULLY some hot and sour soup! Then I chain myself back to the sewing machine until all my various leathery things are done and ready to list!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Little Pumpkin Patch up the Road

Our favorite time of the year. Walking out to the pumpkin patch on the bottoms to pick the best and plumpest pumpkins for our Halloween Jack O' Lanterns.

The cool cloudy day!

The excitement of the little ones all around us!

The smell of the pastures!

The feel of the earth beneath us!

The beauty of the pumpkin vines, sunflowers, and corn stalks!


Oh! the beautiful pumpkins!

Best Day EVER!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ed's Big Day

There she is! In her finest first birthday attire. Ciaran picked out her dress and I found an undershirt and leggings to match. She even had a heart shaped polka dotted hair clippie for the occasion. I think she liked getting all dressed up.

We had a great time with great friends(Thanks Katie, Will, and Lili)and family to celebrate with us. Lots of fun was had as well as pizza, salad, grapes, and banana cake! Ed loved each and every one of her gifts and has so far spent the day after her birthday checking out each one over and over again. She is particularly curious about the "Peek a Boo" book she received from Katie and her family, she loves the page with the red boots the most!

Now, the day after all the celebration, we are just relaxing in our balloon filled living room with some darn bad allergies. I have my cup of coffee, and Ciaran and Ed have their cheerios and toys and books scattered everywhere. Although they seem to be mostly fighting over Ed's new baby doll. So lovely! So glad that I've had some coffee already. Poor baby doll is gonna have sore arms!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Did You Know?

That I assembled 16 wallets in one day? I did, and man I am tired! I just got into a good groove and got some stuff done. Now I have a few pieces to put up in my Etsy and Artfire shops. I wanted to have some new things to share at the Metaphysical Faire I attended over the weekend. I had a great time there. It's always fun to meet new people and chat. So I figured I would share some of my newbies with you all so you can see what you think. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ciaran Smells

The other night while we were playing a game after dinner Ciaran tells me that he smells like pink and that pink smells like red and that red smells like Ciaran. I don't know what it all means but I love it! Ah three!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ideas Are Fun.....

I have a lot of them. Thanks to wandering around Old Town last night. You see it was Arts Alive! in Eureka last night AND the opening of one of my favorites "Maskibition" The maskibition is a collection of masks made by all of us local folks here on the north coast. I usually enter a mask because I love the show so much, but this year was just nuts. All the factors combined with my stupid sore elbow just led to nolucksville. Hopefully, I'll get a couple of masks done over the next few months, I sure miss metal. I must say, I loved the show! Every mask was so different and beautiful, very inspiring stuff. It makes me wanna go over to my table and smack some copper and brass with a hammer. I also got to check out a really cool old antique shop full of lots of crazy items from all over the place. I ended up with a small bag of Victorian jet beaded lace and appliques for my collar projects (thanks Sis!)

I love just getting out there. I get to dress up, wear make-up and drink a little wine! I guess it also must be the time of year, the excitement looking at all these beautiful creations bring, the crowd, it was all well worth the journey. I came home with a mess of ideas to play with. Now if I could just break past the whole A.D.D. part and write all these great ideas down then life would be good! Lists and sketches are the key I guess. Cheers all!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Things That Make Me Happy

Just thought I might make a list of the little things today. Usually it's the little things that tick me off so I wanted to focus on the little things that make me happy:

1. Foggy Autumn days

2. New Grocery stores with nice people

3. Yam fries with spicy molasses and chipotle sauce ( I know! I actually LIKE one of my most hated food items now! What the heck!)

4. Watching Ciaran play at the park

5. cutting and gluing leather, it's sooo relaxing and I'm soooo glad to be doing it more regularly now!

6. Watching the field outside my house at 4 am and all the critters that live there.

7. My broken TV. I know it sounds weird but the weird rainbow-y aura it has now makes everything look so colorful and exciting.

8. Hanging up Halloween decorations early and watching Ciaran and Edolie ponder them.

9. Watching the kiddos terrorize their dad when he's getting ready for work in the morning. Those two are sure to be trouble when they are older!

10. Long walks downtown, they help to set the mind free.

there are a lot more things I could write down, but I won't bore you. Have a good day all!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've Been Thinking......

This is one of my trouble making children. She likes noise, she's loud and she enjoys being loud. I have to love her for that because she comes from two really quiet people. She is also 11 months old! I never really think of her or her brother being so loud that they are annoying other people but according to some old dude at our local coffee shop.... they are quite annoying. So he says. I happen to think that when my daughter is squealing and laughing, it's pretty cute and a lot less annoying than screaming and crying. Apparently, I'm wrong. I am trying to understand his point of view, I used to be somewhat of his opinion, but usually because I spent most of my time immersed every aspect of care for a group of thirty something children. After twelve hours of child care mayhem, ears and nerves are pretty shot.

Being with Ciaran and Ed all the time, I know I am accustomed to the squeals, screams, and tantrums that a baby and a toddler throw around on a daily basis. I guess I just already know how kids can be and all the screaming and crying in the world is just part of what they are growing into. It's a hard process growing up, especially before you have words to express your needs. Don't get me wrong, I am not one for sitting through a tantrum without doing my part to try to put a stop to it. I have (and still do!) spent a fair amount of time discerning between "I'm really upset and don't know how to express it otherwise" and the "Seriously, just let me get my way because that is what I'm used to, and I'm not gonna stop till you give in" tantrums. I was pretty skilled at getting through to the good stuff, and helping whichever child it was, come to a conclusion whatever that conclusion may have been. I just wish more people like the sad old dude we met the other day would try and reach back a little, back to when they were small and trying to feel the world out. Remember being misunderstood, remember feeling like a bad kid for something you did that wasn't necessarily bad. Remember frustration, sadness, joy, anger, and the like, before we all went and got sticks stuck up our nether regions about this, that and the other, and lost the ability to just let go and get it out. A little understanding would be nice and imagine what it would do for the kids and parents that need it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Preview of Things to Come

Wallets and coin pouches OH MY! This is what I've been doing with my week. I am once again enjoying my sparkly paints and all sorts of fantabulous colors. I have been trying to get some extra stuff done here and there so I won't feel so overwhelmed this holiday season. I am sad that I don't have any specific goals for this year other than just keeping on, but with so much going on this year I think it's best just to lay low and get back to creating. I think I'm doing pretty well so far, what do you think?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Day of Nothing New

For sure! I have been doing a LOT of gluing and cutting though. I am cutting out bookmarks and wristlets and gluing up some coin pouches and billfolds. I just wish I could have a couple of days just to do nothing but sew. Then Maybe I would catch up and even get ahead!

In other news, the thing that lives in our walls and under our bathtub has made it's presence known once again. I heard it moving around and making it's weird noises in our bedroom wall the other night. I can't wait for the rains to hit, then we'll not only hear it but smell it too! I'm convinced it is some alien creature using our walls as refuge from the damp and cold. Odds are it is a opossum or a cat. It seems much too big for a rat me thinks, although, I could be wrong there. I figure, from my previous experience with a rat infested home, that the little booger would be doing a lot more chewing and squeaking, that's a whole other experience in itself.

Well, I must get back to the secret lab and be a busy and creative little bee. I wish you all a lovely week!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A New One To Share

This poor wristlet has been sitting on my table waiting to be sewn together forever, so finally, I took the time out from organizing yesterday to finish it up and list it in my Etsy shop. So here she is done at last! Thanks for looking and have a great weekend my dears!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Hangin'

I don't have a lot to report these days. I am trying to get some sewing done for the holidays and that seems to be my obsession at the moment. I think I'm doing o.k. for little projects right now, I just need to cut out some more large size wallets and wristlets so I can get my shops stocked up and ready to go. As I reported last time, Ms. Edolie and her little fuzzy buddies have taken to ransacking my work space any time they get a chance to, so I am having a hard time finding my patterns so I can get busy cutting. So, once I collect all the little bits and pieces of patterns, then it is off to find a file box or something with a lid that closes to put them all in. We'll see if it keeps the little stinker and her accomplices out of my business! ( I highly doubt it) Babies are cute but they sure do like to cause trouble!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Time To Clean Again!

The messy pixies are at it again, misplacing and unorganizing my crafty world, thanks to their ring leaders Ms. Edolie, Syd, and Yui! Ed has taken it upon herself to re-organize my pattern box by dumping out all the pattern pieces on the floor, and Syd and Yui seem to think that anything on top to my sewing table looks better if it's on the floor underneath my sewing table. I can't believe how much I have to clean and organize my space! It's insane but well worth the trouble when I sit down and don't have to stress about where everything is. So I will be spending my time the next few days doing some heavy duty organizing and cleaning, just so I can turn around and do it all over again next week. Thanks to the baby stinker and her two fuzzy accomplices!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Newest of The New

Two new wallets to share with you all! I finally got some time alone to glue and sew, and look what happened! Just thought I would share. I am off to work on some custom order awesomeness and hopefully a coin pouch or two:)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How About A Llama Smile Just For You!

I just love her smile so I thought I would share it with you all! Another picture from our Oregon adventure. Love and happiness were in the air that day for all of us critters!

I woke up early today and actually had a few minutes to myself to work on my stuff. It was so lovely to have some quiet time to myself. I miss it. Not that I don't love my kiddos, but having my lap and arms to myself once in a while is quite a treat. So I got to gluing and playing, and just about finished up two wallets. Just a little bit of accomplishment goes a long way here these days. I get to finish out the day with a long walk downtown and perhaps a coffee and a cookie treat for Ciaran, Ed, and myself.

For the last week I have been working on a couple of custom orders, very bright and cheery custom orders. Lots of color and peacefulness, I love it! I get to utilize some of the lovely assortment of suedes and leathers that my dear friend Kathy sent me for my birthday. What a lovely person! It is always better than Christmas when the UPS man brings me a package from Kathy! This time there is everything from dusty dark plum to electric blue and almost everything in between. I think I may be using a little bit of the electric blue for myself for another wallet, since I am a wallet fiend.

We are also gearing up Halloween early this year. We are thinking Ciaran would make a lovely baby Spock and Edolie screeches like some unearthly creature so that's the plan so far. Just have to figure out Ed's costume now, we're thinking either a banshee or a pterodactyl. I see lots of cutting and sewing in my future!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Boy and HIs Donut

I'm back from a most wonderful and inspiring vacation. We decided to head up to Oregon for a four day weekend to celebrate my 41st birthday. Our trip was inspired by two things actually. One, the opportunity to cuddle wild animals, and, Two, a donut or two(or six) from a most famous donut making establishment in Portland. So we started our trip with a visit to the West Coast Game Park Safari where we got to hang out and observe many wild animals from near and distant lands, and pet a couple of tigers, black leopard cubs, and a caracal. All lovely and good. Then we wandered up the coast for a bit enjoying the sights, sounds, cupcakes, and candy of many of the coastal towns. On our last night, we decided that heading to Portland for donuts was not at all crazy and hit the road once again so we could experience some awesome donut-ty-ness. We waited patiently in line for our donuts from Voodoo Doughnut then strolled around the downtown areas of Portland so Ed and Ciaran could experience a little taste of city life. Fun was had, lots of fun, can't wait to visit again:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Gonna Go Play For Awhile

I'm getting an extra special birthday present at the end of the week, so I won't be around for a few days. I am gonna use my time wisely though and work on my leathery things between the fun stuff. I'll be back with lots to share! Have a great rest of your week all!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drowning Myself in Sweaters

Because I love them! I can wear them year round here and did I mention, I love them! I just need to get myself a few bottoms and tee shirts then I will be set for winter. I love thrifting!

Other than enjoying sweatery goodness, I am trying to get a few things done for my shops and a couple of upcoming events I will be vending at. I am giggling while I write this because for the last two years, I come up with the same plan for the holidays and usually fall short. Cross your fingers for me, I am diving into a big pile of leather and not coming back up until January!

Monday, August 9, 2010

One Big Trail of Poo!

Literally! It was everywhere! I don't normally like to discuss poop but it was pretty intense there for a few minutes. Ms. Ed decided to go diaper free and plunked a huge poop down on the floor in her brother's room. Then she had to share it with us by crawling through it and making her way from the back bedrooms to the living room where she kindly left a trail all along the way. That was a lot of poo! Glad it's gone now and hopefully my day will only get better from here. Off I go to work on some un-poo like leathery things. Have a great day all!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's August Already?

I can't believe how fast time goes by. I was just getting into this summer thing and thinking I had loads of time to sew and play and enjoy, and now it's already August. Hmmmmmm, how'd that happen so fast? Oh well, not complaining or anything but I just feel a bit behind today. (Not unlike most other days)

It has been a hard couple of weeks around here. Not much sleep, lots of weirdness going on here and there, and my energy store has dwindled down to nothing. I'm feeling a lot less blue and funky today than I have been for the last week or so. I had a bit of a bummer trip going on last weekend and couldn't quite feel the happy to motivate myself to work on anything. Today, I have a little bit of energy back and I'm working again. I started a new wristlet and a custom order, plus one or two new travel wallets. The stack of stuff is shrinking! Now I need to cut out more stuff and be all ready to get crackin' for the holidays. It always happens this way! I promised myself I would do at least one show or an open house this fall for the holidays so I want to make a few extra pieces for that as well. Today is a hang out and work kinda day so I think I will spend it working on those items I wish to finish this week and cutting out some bookmarks. After I jump for a bit on my new trampoline:)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Stuff and Motivation!

I thought I would share all my newest creations with you:) Yes, the sewing basket really helps! I can actually sit down on the floor with the kiddos while they play and cut and paste my leathery goodness at the same time! I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner!

The wonderful thing about creating is that now I am motivated to keep going. I have been going through the stack of leather pieces that I had cut out waaaaayyyyyyy before Ed was born and have been getting those prepped to glue up and sew together. Now if I could just keep my sewing table all nice and tidy so I can work
without feeling squished, then life will be okey dokey!

I also got another custom order from one of my most fabulous customers. It will be very colorful and a lot of fun to put together so as soon as I can pry myself away from this computer, I will be swimmin' in hot pink suede! Have a great day all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Can't Wait !

My lovely sister (and newest resident of Humboldt County) and I took our kidlets on down to the Arcata plaza for the Crafty Maverick's Summer Craft Extravaganza. We saw all sorts of lovely things, I was very sad that I didn't have any cash to spend. I sure hope they keep it going, it's really wonderful to see some new and different artisans and crafters out there. I also hope next time around I will be able to purchase some handmade goodness, I'm crossin' my fingers now! It made me instantly miss doing fairs. I so badly want to get back in the game again. It inspired me to come home and work which is really good I have three complete wallets and four more on the way. I look forward to all the chaos and fun that goes into preparing and selling my wallets and such. I'm not gonna put down any lists of what I plan to do since every time I do that I jinx myself. I'm just gonna say that I'm looking forward to a time in the near future when I can get my butt back out there and sell my wares!

In other news, my early birthday presents are beginning to arrive. I purchased a mini trampoline for myself so I can work out while the kidlets are napping. I wanted a full size one but there really is no place to put it in this tiny little hole in the wall. I also went ahead and purchased a new pair of boots for my big bad self and some funky socks to go with them. So my gifts are about a month early but that's o.k. because my real birthday gift will be to get back in shape so I can keep up with the kidlets and maybe tone up a little here and there. Not gonna jinx myself here either. Here's to hopin'!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday is Here!

Friday makes me happy. Not that it is a significant day to me anymore. I used to cherish every Friday when I was working out of the home. I would happily dance to work with a huge cup of coffee in my hand and dance through the day because I knew I would be free for a couple of days. Now it's just another day but it always has a special feeling about it. I wake up with a little bit more energy and get a little bit more done than any other day of the week. It's weird, but I love it! This is a special Friday because I get to see a few people that I dearly love and I'm soooo happy about that. It will be good to have a weekend full of visiting, a local craft fair, and some family time. Maybe I'll get a little bit of sewing done this weekend! One can hope:) I hope you all have a splendid Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Me Out of This Damn Chair!

Seriously, my butt is falling asleep and I need more coffee. See, I've been up since 2am with Ed. She's got a cold and couldn't quite calm herself enough to stay asleep. This partnered with a grouchy significant other offering parenting advice when it's so not appreciated, just pretty much completed my day. Yes, I am grouchy, yes, I am tired, but I need to get out of this chair and work. Especially when Ms. Ed (who takes the most wonderful naps by the way) is snoozing away with her little bottom up in the air, and Ciaran is filling up his yellow monster truck with leather scraps and driving it around the universe. So I must pry myself from the grasp of this comfy chair, refuel with lots of caffeine and go for it. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm successful.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sewing Boxes, Envelope Wallets, and Fun, Fun, FUN!

So Edolie started crawling over the weekend which is absolutely fabulous for her and for me (and Ciaran too, but he won't say it out loud) Now with the little miss crawling around, she has so much more to do with herself and gets in to EVERYTHING! Which luckily, I am very used too. So now I have a bit more free time to work and Ciaran has a bit more lap time than he has for a while. Poor little guy has been so patient with everything. I owe him many monster trucks for being such a great big brother.

So anyways, now that I have the time and a bit more energy, I am starting to work on stocking my shops once again. I listed a couple of new envelope wallets over the weekend and I am finishing up another one and making one heck of a far out wristlet! After spending the last couple of days trying to come up with a plan to work while being available to the little ones, I decided to spend a couple of bucks on a sewing box with a lid so I can move around with my stuff and not have to worry about little curious fingers getting into things they shouldn't. Ciaran calls it the treasure box and tries to open it every chance he gets. It should be an adventure, hopefully a good one:)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Things Can Get You Down.

Yes, yes, they can, but I try to not let them. I guess they really aren't little things after all, they are big things that come to my attention through little things, like phone calls, emails, hints here and there. Nothing personal, just some issues with those close to me. I feel rotten about the circumstances but all I can do is be a support. I would jump in and fix it all if I could but I know I can't. I can just be there and do what I can to help them through it. I wish I would have been able to come to this conclusion earlier in life, perhaps I wouldn't have all the super icky useless person feelings I sometimes get because I feel that I haven't done enough to help. Yuck! I am all wrapped up in those guilty bad person feelings again! Just gonna send some good luck wishes and blessings their way.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Left Me All Alone.

So I worked on things. I worked on some wallets and FINALLY listed one. I decided to try out some white with purple and black and OH YUMMY!->

Then I dyed some shirts a lovely deep lilac color. After that I juggled some heavy duty diaper washing and a seek and destroy mold mission. I can smell it! Just gotta find it and kill it! I have a strong suspicion that the moldiness is what is killing mine and the kiddos noses and eyes. This means a whole lot of wall furniture, and toy washing. Not to mention clothes, shoes, and anything else that exists in the back of the house.

Now, while I wait for my next creation to finish drying, and my homemade lasagna to heat up, I am having a homemade tea latte and watching something kind of paranormal on the television. Feels like heaven! I love my family but I sure do treasure my alone time, it makes me feel all happy and fluttery inside. The relaxing part doesn't hurt either:)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Swimmin' Along

in snot! Sorry but I am, and it's really becoming a bother. Darn allergies! If I look up, I sneeze. If I look down, I drip. It's so charming and fun! Oh well, I am taking my hiding inside time to do a little bit of designing and sewing so maybe good things will come out of being so runny. I am soooo excited to use my new paints! Maybe I'll make something super colorful today to cheer myself up:)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Happy Independence Day everyone. Even though my head is full of snot, I can't breath, and I look like I have been run over I am still taking the kidlets downtown for Ed's first Fourth of July Jubilee and Ciaran's third. We will probably take a stroll around the plaza to check out some crafty-ness, have a cookie and a coffee with Clover the kitty (he resides at our favorite coffee house) and then head home for dinner, and our own little fireworks display. I hope everyone has a lovely and safe day and evening!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dearest intoxicated fool trying to make your way through my front door at four in the morning,

Next time I won't just kick the door to keep you from coming in, I will kick you directly in the head. Then, I will kick you in other parts of your body which will lessen your chances of procreating. Finally, I will just randomly kick you everywhere until you wish you were never put upon this earth to be a drunk idiot in the first place. Also, whats with the knocking on the window and insisting that I let you in? What was that supposed to do? Was it supposed to scare me into opening the door and offering to make you a grilled cheese? You high? Oh yeah, I guess that was the problem in the first place. Next time you decide to "tie one on" with your little crowd of stupid people, maybe you should do it at your own home, so you don't lose your way. Dumbass.

(my adventure from this morning, the first night Ed decided to sleep through the night, and this is what I get to celebrate, yay me!)

Monday, June 28, 2010


About way back when my junior high school buddy and I would stay up late and transform over sized tee shirts into gold. All the while we listened to all the latest and greatest new wave, metal, and punk. Occasionally we got to eavesdrop on her neighbors having domestic battles over a dog named "Braka", too much alcohol, and hard wood flooring. Some of the best times of my teen years ever! I discovered my love of ripped sleeveless tees, splatter painting, and neon colored fabric paints. So this week I get to re-live some of those days. I get to do some fabric painting on two dresses( one for me and one for Ed) and I am buying myself some purty colored tees that are on sale at the grocery store. I am really interested in seeing what happens with all this and where I will fit in all of these projects with my leather concoctions(which by the way are looking fairly awesome with my new paints and pigments involved, can't wait for show and tell!) Meanwhile, I am gonna make another cup o' frothy caffeinated happiness and dream about being fourteen and fashionable. Have a great day all:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Back!

Back from my fabulous weekend of fun with Mark. I had a blast got some much needed rest, drank coffee by the bay, and in in the car, and in cute little cafes all over the bay area. The haunted hotel was fantabulous, I think I even had a short visit from the ghostly gal that calls it home. Iron Maiden ROCKED! of course, and I am all the better for it. All in all, no complaints here. It all ROCKED! I came home energized with new leather paints, new designs, a happy octopus, a blue platypus, some chocolate, and a revised game plan.......look out world!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen Sneezalot

or just Princess Snot. That is what I am today, not worth much of anything right now so I'm gonna make another coffee and put some beautiful beads upon some leatha! and leave it at that. My secret project is going so wonderfully! I can't wait to share! I just have to wait until it's all done and on it's way to it's new owner. So that's the short term plan. Later this afternoon, I am going to take kiddo 1 and 2 downtown to pick up some stir-fry ingredients and a big huge sandwich cookie, hugeriffic vanilla cookies with lots of gooey vanilla frosting sandwiched in between. Yum! Hopefully, that will set me straight. If these allergies don't pass soon, it's gonna be a super duper non-productive week. I've had enough of those for the moment thank you very much, I just want my zippy fun sewing energy back! If you find it, will you kindly throw it back this way. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Following Directions

Nope. Not for me. Haven't been able to follow a given direction since I made my way into this world. Wish I could say it's something I might work on, but given that I know no other way, I doubt it. Just thought I would share that on this fine day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Starting Fresh

It's the start of a new week without stomach illnesses and super elbow soreness. I am celebrating by taking my two little ones out on the town for some more thrift store shopping(mostly for me this time) and out for our usual cookie and coffee. There is some talk of visits to the drug store to look at toys and perhaps visiting Dad at work. We'll see how it goes. I have been existing on very little sleep and very small amounts of food for the last few days so the energy is just not there. Blah!

My plans are once expanding with the change of the seasons! I kind of cringe when I get this way, I tend to get a little carried away when I start moving things around so this year I am being cautious. The fact is, I just want to keep my leathery business going and going and need to really buckle down and get my butt out there. So, again I will be cleaning out my shops, especially my artfire shop to make room for some new items. I think it will be great motivation to get some new things made and quick! So if you do visit my shop in the next few weeks and there is not much of a selection, NEVER FEAR! just means I am making room for some new and beautiful leathery things to show. Since summer tends to be pretty slow for sales, I think it would be a great time to change things up and add new inventory. I am also considering a couple give-aways over the next couple of months, not really to get more customers, but I kind of think that I need a few people to use a couple of my wallets and let me know if they work and what I can improve on. I figured if I did a couple of contest-y type dealies that the critique process would be more fun. I guess I 'll have to see about that too.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


and Ouch!!!! and all that stuff. I have been busily working away this week in the secret lab and boy am I paying for it. Sore elbow and all that jazz. I am so excited to be working on my first metal piece in a very long time! Lots of copper, brass, and a handmade lampwork focal bead from beatlebabyglassworks. I can't wait until it's done. It's for my lovely sister for her birthday and I hope she loves it and enjoys wearing it. What a task! Finding a way that the copper, brass, and leather would add to and not distract from the beautiful focal bead. It was hard, but I think I came up with something workable. Just got to put it all together to see. I don't want to share a picture of the completed piece until my sis gets to see it up close and personal. Hopefully it will be in her hands next week sometime.

My other projects have been leathery. A pair of super cute booties in black and white and a little pouch wallet out of sage green suede. I am quite happy with both and hope that their new owners will also be happy with them.