Thursday, June 3, 2010


and Ouch!!!! and all that stuff. I have been busily working away this week in the secret lab and boy am I paying for it. Sore elbow and all that jazz. I am so excited to be working on my first metal piece in a very long time! Lots of copper, brass, and a handmade lampwork focal bead from beatlebabyglassworks. I can't wait until it's done. It's for my lovely sister for her birthday and I hope she loves it and enjoys wearing it. What a task! Finding a way that the copper, brass, and leather would add to and not distract from the beautiful focal bead. It was hard, but I think I came up with something workable. Just got to put it all together to see. I don't want to share a picture of the completed piece until my sis gets to see it up close and personal. Hopefully it will be in her hands next week sometime.

My other projects have been leathery. A pair of super cute booties in black and white and a little pouch wallet out of sage green suede. I am quite happy with both and hope that their new owners will also be happy with them.


Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Still love the leather baby booties! Sadly there are no little feet pattering through home......hhmmmm...perhaps the dogs

nicaeli said...

thanks so much! Dog booties would be awesome though!