Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen Sneezalot

or just Princess Snot. That is what I am today, not worth much of anything right now so I'm gonna make another coffee and put some beautiful beads upon some leatha! and leave it at that. My secret project is going so wonderfully! I can't wait to share! I just have to wait until it's all done and on it's way to it's new owner. So that's the short term plan. Later this afternoon, I am going to take kiddo 1 and 2 downtown to pick up some stir-fry ingredients and a big huge sandwich cookie, hugeriffic vanilla cookies with lots of gooey vanilla frosting sandwiched in between. Yum! Hopefully, that will set me straight. If these allergies don't pass soon, it's gonna be a super duper non-productive week. I've had enough of those for the moment thank you very much, I just want my zippy fun sewing energy back! If you find it, will you kindly throw it back this way. Thanks!

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