Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ms. Grouchy

Ms. Grouchy has left us for bigger and better things. Late last night she passed away. She and I were never very close, we mostly got on each other's nerves, but I will miss her in all her grouchiness and insistence. I will miss the pain in the ass that was Macintosh, and I know Mark is devastated. She was his best friend, his late night book reading, computer playing, beer drinking buddy. She was by his side every night after I fell asleep with the kidlet and wandered to the bedroom to pass out from exhaustion. We'll miss you Mac, wherever you went to. Hopefully, a little of that grouchiness has worn off and you'll be happy and pain free!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Yes, yes, yes, lots of juggling these days. Today it's baby, toddler, Halloween costumes, wallet making, and taking care of a very sick kitty. I am so glad I have a little bit of energy and a lot of coffee! Edolie and I saw the Doctor yesterday for our first check-up and it went really well. Ed is gaining weight steadily and is up to a whole 8 lbs 5 oz. and I am down three pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Hey! I have ankles again! Everything is looking good for the little one and myself so I am pretty darn happy. I am not so happy about Mac suddenly taking ill. Poor thing is just barely hanging in there and we can't get her to a vet until tomorrow. Sucks! I just try to do what I know that might help and hope for the best until we can get her to the Doctor tomorrow. It's not looking good though, she is showing the exact same symptoms as Humbug did before she died. I am thinking that she is suffering from kidney disease as well, if that is the case, then there is not much to be done. Poor Mark is going to be devastated if he loses his precious cat, he has been through so much this year already, it's just not fair. Oh well, off I go to juggle some more. Hopefully, I will be writing again soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Got To Sew!

Yipee! Ms. Edolie and Mr. Ciaran are proving to have a little bit of patience with my obsession with leather work. They actually let me do some applique work today. I am sure this will change day by day, but for now, I am happy with any little bit of work I can get done. I didn't really expect to be back at the machine for quite a while but all of my projects were just screaming at me this morning. So I had to sew. I am working out ways to sew the other projects I have for myself here and there. I am working on Ciaran's costume, Edolie's costume, a very vibrant and outrageous diaper bag/handbag, a sweater for Edolie, and a winter blanket for Ciaran. Lots of stuff but it's all fun and fairly simple. Thanks Edolie and Ciaran, you are pretty darn awesome!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back Home With Our New Addition

We are home! Even better, we are home with our newest addition baby Ed now known as Edolie Evangeline Chacon. She was born at 9:33 am on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 by c-section( an interesting story for another time) she weighed 7 lbs and 14 oz, and was just a tad over 20 inches long. Mom, Dad, and Ciaran are already madly in love. She is such a sweetie! Right now we are adjusting to a house with two little ones instead of one. It's a trip! She is so different from her very mellow older brother. She goes from sleeping to screaming in seconds flat, hates diaper changes, and has no patience for anything when she is hungry(which she always is). Yes, after the weirdness of this last year, we have brought home the biggest most wonderful present anyone could ever get, and we sure do appreciate it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here We Go!

Today I finally get to meet Ed. We were delayed a bit, disappointed a bit, but now it's really happening. So, off I go! Keep us in your thoughts all. We'll keep you posted on how everything goes!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nervous Energy

Does wonders for the creative process! I finished two make-up pouches, lined two travel wallets and a billfold and I'm making another all purpose pouch for a very special person. I just wish I had all this nervous energy and the time to get stuff done a few weeks ago. So now, I just get to work with what I have got and try to sneak in some creative time over the next month. We will see how that goes. My makeup pouches turned out really cool, I made them with a compact pocket and I am thinking of adding a lipstick/perfume pocket as well. Yay!

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 13th

That's the date that Ms.(or Mr.) Ed will make her/his way into the world. I am crazy excited, nervous, jumbly, happy, overwhelmed, etc. Can't wait to meet the little one. It's just nice to have a date and time for our marvelous event. Mark is happy because we are scheduled for noon instead of 8 am as previously thought. Noon is a good hour, lunch happens at that hour, or for me usually sewing time, or a coffee and a cookie break. I think I am going to keep myself occupied for the next week by sewing and cleaning, and thinking about eating lots of overly frosted and gooey cake and having that first beer in almost a year! Hopefully that'll do it! Probably not, but I can hope right? Wish us luck all!