Monday, February 28, 2011

Another New Cuff

I just had a bunch of ideas for cuffs over the last couple of weeks and finished up this one and was able to get it listed today! I am enjoying the direction my collars and cuffs are taking right now, a little more free form and exciting. It gets hard to work inside a rectangle all the time. I am also diggin' the covered buttons! It's nice to be able to "make" a button that compliments the piece it goes on. It feels good to start the week with a finished product and a listing!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Trying!

I'm trying to get back into the habit of not letting my behind take the shape of this chair. Now that Edolie is sleeping through the night and I am finding myself with more energy during the day, I am trying to get a bit more done during my mornings with the twosome. Our problem is that we really like to all sit and cuddle right after everyone wakes up. I think that is the hardest thing for me, I just really like that time and I don't want to give it up. It is getting easier though. Ed is way more interested in playing on her own now and Ciaran could spend all his time staring outside at the big trucks going back and forth on the road next to our apartment. So, I guess I must jump at this opportunity to get up and get moving! Imagine the potential! I could actually get more than one of my leathery things made each week! I might get a shower before noon! The tortoises and the cats may actually like me again because I would be able to feed them before noon! My house might actually get clean! I love the idea, but will it happen........hmmmmm? That is the question!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ending The Week With Goodness

It always feels good to me to finish up a project so I took extra time this week to finish up this crazy cuff and even made a button for it! I think it was a good choice! Now I have my happy back. I used the week full of bummerness to do good things for me and others and that feels good. Now on to the weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Suckage That Was Valentine's Day

Well, just sucked. It started out to be a marvelous day all full o' hope and happy. Then nothing. I had a great time hangin' with the kids watching the tortoise emerge from her egg. Then evening came and sucked. Not much else to say. I can't really say why, it just did. Just stuff I guess........ and then the baby tortoise died. That just made the suckage that much more! The good thing about suckage is that there is always some lesson to be learned from it whether you want to learn it or not. Valentine's Day offered many lessons, and I learned a lot. I guess I am on to bigger and better things? We'll see.........we'll see..........

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Little tortie made it into the world this Valentine's Day. Sadly, it looks as if she passed away. I'm not sure what happened, all seemed fine when she broke out of the shell this afternoon and was roaming about the incubator later in the day. When I went to check on her around midnight, I noticed she wasn't moving at all and wouldn't even respond to a little tug to her foot. I picked her up and held her and she didn't make a move, eyes still open, limbs extended, and no sign of life. We are so sad and I don't want to be the one to tell Ciaran tomorrow, he was so excited about the little critter(although terrified at the same time!) I imagine there was something wrong with the little tort to begin with and it would not have survived no matter how much we did for it. I am so grateful for the experience of watching her come into the world and the little time we had with her. I send her off to tortie heaven with lots little tortie hugs and kisses.

We'll miss you little friend, safe journeys!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The News

Not much news actually. I finished up my newest collar after it sat and sat and sat at my work table waiting for me to turn it into some CRAZY. I think I may have succeeded. I am really enjoying using my antique beads and baubles to decorate these pieces. Mostly, it's just because I can justify buying more beads and baubles if I use up the ones I have on hand. I can't wait to get a start on the third collar, another one with antique Edwardian lace, large pewter nailheads, steel cut beads, and and an antique Victorian shoe buckle, should be a sparkly good time.

Other than completed collars, there really is nothing new happening around here. I'm still suffering through a nasty sinus infection which is making it hard to do anything at all, since all I want to do is sleep. The tortoise egg is still incubating. We are crossing our fingers that our new little shelled friend makes an appearance soon. I am using my quiet, " don't feel good" time to organize my workspace and cut out some new leathery things. Hopefully, I will have something more exciting to share the next time I write, but who knows, all this quiet is a good thing I think!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egg Watch 2011

So other than leathery things, I am waiting patiently, for this little guy or gal to hatch. This is the fertile tortoise egg all snug in it's homemade incubator. The paper towel next to the container is for keeping the humidity right on while the egg incubates, and the black strip on the other side is a thermometer, so I can make sure that the incubator is at the appropriate temperature for the little guy or gal. Should be any time now! Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My newest bookmarks available now! I forgot how much fun these are to make. It feels good to have some new work to put out there since being sick over the last few weeks. So I listed some in my Etsy shop, and some in my Artfire shop. Thanks for looking!