Thursday, February 10, 2011

The News

Not much news actually. I finished up my newest collar after it sat and sat and sat at my work table waiting for me to turn it into some CRAZY. I think I may have succeeded. I am really enjoying using my antique beads and baubles to decorate these pieces. Mostly, it's just because I can justify buying more beads and baubles if I use up the ones I have on hand. I can't wait to get a start on the third collar, another one with antique Edwardian lace, large pewter nailheads, steel cut beads, and and an antique Victorian shoe buckle, should be a sparkly good time.

Other than completed collars, there really is nothing new happening around here. I'm still suffering through a nasty sinus infection which is making it hard to do anything at all, since all I want to do is sleep. The tortoise egg is still incubating. We are crossing our fingers that our new little shelled friend makes an appearance soon. I am using my quiet, " don't feel good" time to organize my workspace and cut out some new leathery things. Hopefully, I will have something more exciting to share the next time I write, but who knows, all this quiet is a good thing I think!

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