Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nope, Got Nothing........

This week has been full of apartment seeking, insomnia, more insomnia, a little bit of sewing, lots of crazy children, information gathering, and stuff like that.  I haven't really had much of a chance to sit down and focus on anything mostly because I am a zombie right now that only wants a nice apartment, closer to town that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg every month.  I know, I know, keep dreaming right?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fascinating and Terrifying!

Yep, these little guys and gals are.  Well, at least to my little Edolie.  The kids fell in love with ladybugs while we were waiting for the bus on Saturday.  They had two that they were endlessly trying to lure into Ciaran's little green RAM truck.  So on Sunday, we decided to head over to the nursery up the street and buy a container of ladybugs to set free in our yard.  1500 of them.  The kids loved watching them emerge from the container and scurry all over the big bush next to our door.  Then, Edolie saw that they were all over my hands and arms AND all over her and she decided she didn't like them so much.  She only wanted to love and appreciate them from afar.  Today, as she went down for nap, she noticed one of the little critters on her baby's blankie and started screaming and crying "Ladybug!!!! Mama!!!!! Ladybug!!!!! HELP!!!!  So I rescued her by taking the ladybug infested blankie outside and shaking it off onto the bush.  No more scary ladybug.  They are all busy making themselves at home and finding some good little aphids to chow down on.  

Other than that, I just finished up my most recent custom order and it's going on it's way to it's new home tomorrow.  So now, I am working on a few billfolds and a new coin purse design.  So far so good.  I really like the new coin pouch and I have plenty of red leather right now, maybe I'll make a few ladybug inspired pouches:)