Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey! This Kid Had A Birthday!

 Ms. Edolie turned 3 this month.  She wanted purple fairy wings to wear on her special day.

 She also wanted a "bumble bee" cake and so we made one for her.

She also wanted a "pretty dress" made especially by her mom.  So I made one for her.  She got a pink fuzzy  handbag to wear with it.  

We had a pretty nice day at the park and the coffee house, then home for cake and ice cream.  Happy Birthday little Edolie!  We love you!

Monday, October 15, 2012

My New Friend

I had to fight with this guy to get to the last of the ripe blackberries.  I love the markings!  What a lovely creature!  We have tons of these spiders and woolly bears this time of the year.  I think that is why I love autumn here so much.

I have been trying to get sewing done in between costume making and birthday dress making.  It is hard!  I need a time manager or just a manager to kick my butt and get me focused!  I decided to cut down on the amount of designs I am making for the holidays this year so that has been easier but just finding the time to do anything with my leather has been pretty hard this last year.  It's getting better but I just can't seem to push from better to best.  Makes me frustrated!  I did make a pretty cool witch costume for Ed and Ciaran's Sponge bob costume seems to be coming along so that is all good!  Just need a few extra hours every day to work on my stuff........not gonna happen though unfortunately:(  I just keep chanting "some day, some day, some day"..............................