Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So This is what Happened.......

The crazy colors I was playing with turned in to these!  My newest wallet creations.  I really like this one, it's a bit smaller than the large pouch that I carry as my wallet, but still big enough to throw a whole bunch o' stuff in.  Lots of card pockets, a big slip pocket, and a zipper pocket.  I particularly like the teal one.  I also have one in red and one in purple to sew up once I am done with my latest custom order.   I  am also waiting on some interfacing and trying my hand at dyeing my own cotton for the lining of my wallets.  I happened to inherit a bunch of cotton fabric from my mom and am thrilled to be playing with some dye soon.  Yay!  and Thanks Mom!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Grey, Green, Purple, Blue, Lavender, Brown, and more GREY!

I am working on a new wallet pouch thingy and I came up with some combinations of colors that I really like.  They are weird, but I like them.  I've got some pale green, grey, purple, and bright blue, I think I may have puked with this one a couple of years ago, and the picture doesn't make it look very interesting, but it really is!  (To me anyways)  The second is a sort of dusty teal with more grey, lavender, and dark brown, and I love it!  I made a custom wallet in the same colors for someone just  few weeks ago and was not completely sure if the colors would work, but they did and I really like it now.  So much that I am making a few things for my shop with this same color scheme.  It's fun to play!  I am still loving red, grey and black, and grey, violet, and black too!  So you will probably see a few more of those combos coming up shortly.  I never thought I would like grey suede so much!