Saturday, April 5, 2014

Grey, Green, Purple, Blue, Lavender, Brown, and more GREY!

I am working on a new wallet pouch thingy and I came up with some combinations of colors that I really like.  They are weird, but I like them.  I've got some pale green, grey, purple, and bright blue, I think I may have puked with this one a couple of years ago, and the picture doesn't make it look very interesting, but it really is!  (To me anyways)  The second is a sort of dusty teal with more grey, lavender, and dark brown, and I love it!  I made a custom wallet in the same colors for someone just  few weeks ago and was not completely sure if the colors would work, but they did and I really like it now.  So much that I am making a few things for my shop with this same color scheme.  It's fun to play!  I am still loving red, grey and black, and grey, violet, and black too!  So you will probably see a few more of those combos coming up shortly.  I never thought I would like grey suede so much! 

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