Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Weeks to Go.

So they say anyways. Ed will be making her way to us in two weeks. I am so excited and so under prepared! Can't wait to meet her. Can't wait to see my sister and the kiddos! I can hardly sit still! I did have a dream that Ed was a he the other night, so now I am not completely sure if I should count on Ed being a girl. My gut is saying girl, but you never know......... Now I spend the next two weeks trying to get a bit of sewing and cleaning done, and trying to wrangle up Halloween costumes for the kids. A blue m&m for Ciaran(boy is he going to hate his mom and dad!) and a ladybug or bumble bee for baby Ed. Yes, it's a do it yourself Halloween around here, and I love it! I've already started pulling out decorations and planning my post c-section Halloween celebration, including a visit to the pumpkin patch, visiting the festivities on the plaza, and making some Halloween goodies for the boys and for me! Hopefully, I'll be able to indulge by then. For the meanwhile, I am sewing up many billfolds, travel wallets, and coin pouches to get ready for my holiday season. I just found out that my big annual craft show is being shortened to one day, so a little of the sewing pressure is off, not much, but enough to let me just enjoy designing and sewing a little bit more. Getting inventory done for one day is a heck of a lot easier than for two. I just hope that it's a good show! I really hope it's a good season! Here's to hoping it's a good one for everyone.

Friday, September 25, 2009


After a long day of shopping for socks for the guys, and some sort of comfortable footwear for me, I finally got around to listing some new wallets in my Etsy and artfire shops. I wanted to get more done this week but it has been pretty hectic around here. So tonight I get to watch zombie movies and cut out more wonderful leather goodies so I can keep up with my goals. It will make me happy after the last couple of days of broken and brain dead ipods, broken shoes that cannot be mended, reocurring illnesses, and the biggest pain of all: phone tag and the run-around from certain state agencies that will rename nameless for now. Now I am off to a nice long weekend of family time and couch shopping, hopefully getting a few minutes to glue and sew here and there. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

All set for a sewing marathon today. It appears that Ciaran and I will be stuck inside with more rain, and my having a super sore hip. Baby Ed is getting heavy and it's really getting my legs and hips these days. Her impending due date is making me a bit anxious as far as getting my leather goods sewn up. So, hopefully by the end of today the little box of possibilities will be emptied of a few items which I will then promptly list in my shops. I also get the lovely task of mopping our super muddy kitchen floor with the lamest mop in the world. I might as well get down on hands and knees and lick it clean, it would be about the same as using the useless mop that we have. Oh well, I will dream of a new mop while I am cursing at my current mop, should make for a fun afternoon:)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Art of K. Leistikow

My sister started her Etsy shop a short while back and it it AWESOME! Check out The Art of K Leistikow. Her work is just fabulous! Hope you enjoy! I am off to enjoy some coffee and leather work today, Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Thingys!

I made some new wallets this week and I am so happy to show them off. I've put a few in my Etsy shop, and a couple in my artfire shop. I am trying some new applique techniques which are really fun but can get kind of tricky too. I also managed to improve the design of my snap-up billfold wallet and I think I like it! Nothing like colorful leathery goodness to brighten my day. Off to make some more! Have a good weekend all!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Week Later

All is slightly back to normal. Mark is still really sore but handling it very well. Back to work and trying to keep himself busy. He is so bummed about missing the last of Humboldt's good biking weather(actually the next month is the best the weather usually gets for the year) but I keep reassuring him that there will be little breaks in the rain and wind for him to get a ride in here and there when he heals. I am encouraging him to build his new bike, which he has wanted to do for the last two years, and he seems set on the idea. I am doing my best to keep things going around the house. Cleaning, gardening, organizing. I have been trying to prepare for Ed's arrival next month and allowing myself time to finish up the cutting and sewing for my very short maternity leave. I don't think either are going to be completely finished but with all that has happened over the last few months, all I care about right now is having a healthy, happy family. I will make due with whatever comes my way as long as I can have that one little wish. So far, so good, and I plan to keep it that way if I can. I am still having a great time with my new designs, and plan to get a couple finished today before I head downtown in the rain.............. OOH!............ the stinky bus in the rain! Should be especially stinky today! Fun times!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to Work

It's back to work for all of us after the broken collar bone incident. Mark decided to head in for a couple of hours, I finally get to finish up the many colorful leather pieces sitting patiently on my table waiting to be sewn into wallets, and for Ciaran, business as usual, at play in his room with an airplane and many little cars and trucks. Feels good to be a little normal today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Broken Collarbones and Other Fine Tales

So Sunday I was jolted awake from an afternoon nap with " I am here with your husband who was just in a bike accident and we are taking him to Mad River Hospital" So I quickly jump up catch the phone and talk to the kind woman who was good enough to stop and help Mark and the other cyclist.

OH ADRENALINE! as I hung up the phone with the woman, into panic mode! Ed giving me a kick to the ribs to let me know that she didn't approve of my shenanigans. I rush in to get Ciaran, who is happily forgoing nap to sit in his toy box and play with his little cars and trucks, we rush around getting both of us dressed, a fresh pair of underpants and pants for the kid and something that doesn't smell of spaghetti sauce and mint gum( I was gardening before my nap) and head out the door towards the hospital(luckily, it's only a block away) I am trying to walk fast but it is impossible to do so at eight months pregnant, holding a two year old, and having the worst butt cramp in my life. Luckily the hospital is just a block away from our apartment! We walk into the emergency entrance and there is my honey, all pale, with half of his bike gear cut away, sitting on a stretcher and in obvious pain. I was so very relieved to see him sitting up, conscious, and even was able to smile at me and Ciaran. It was only after seeing him that I was able to calm down. On our way over, all I could think of was the bad stuff that could have happened, which quickly disappeared when I saw him there.

It appears that another bike rider had made a abrupt left turn right in front of Mark, without looking to see if there were any other cars, people, or cyclists near him, and Mark didn't have time to stop. He hit the back tire of the kid's bike and flew over his own bike AND the other rider, landing on his right shoulder. Luckily it wasn't much worse. Just a broken collarbone and lots of bumps, bruises, and scrapes. His helmet is trashed, as is a lot of his bike but he is alive! and that is what matters.

So, I don't mean to lecture or anything, but if you are out there riding your bike, wear a helmet(they really do save lives, even if they look funny and give you helmet head) and pay attention to the rules of the road, it really matters to a lot of people that you and the people you share the road with come home safe at the end of their ride.