Monday, May 31, 2010

The Workspace From Hell!

Actually, it's not, but it really gets on my nerve that my once daily utilized work area for all things metal and paint has been turned into the table of "I don't know where to put this right now" I finally managed to clean it up a little bit and now have some space to lay out my newest metal piece and actually work on it! Here are some pictures of my space. I have yet to decide what to do about my painting/beading area. There is still a LOT of organization to do but at least I've made a dent!

This is my painting and beading mess that needs some more work, but at least I've confined it to one small area........well, small-er area. All I really need to do here is organize my projects and find a bigger container for my paints and brushes then all will be O.K. Then back to cleaning up my sewing area..........UGH! It just never stops. Well, the mess means I am using my space, right?


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Making pretties is ugly business! I am inclined to start a photo folder of other artists' workspaces to show (prove) to my husband that my workspace design aesthetic is part of a growing trend! :)

nicaeli said...

that sounds like a really good idea! I may need to borrow it to show Mark:)

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

I feel your pain! Even though I have an actual room to work in since my son left home, As soon as I start a project the mess seems to multiply to all surfaces in the room! I need more looks good in the photos because I cleaned it up first. Normally, not nice. You can see it on my blog om "my studio" in the in the index cloud.