Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Gonna Be Slow-Goin' for a While

Wow! I thought my wrist injury was bad! Now that my elbow is acting up I can't do much of anything for long. Just squeezing the tube of toothpaste hurts like hell! I got this crazy idea for a new piece of jewelry that would incorporate some of my metal work with some of my leather work and I decided today was the day to start on it (I am working on a self imposed deadline here) I just started working and OUCH! I was only able to saw for a couple of minutes before I needed a break. ELBOW LOCK! GREAT PAIN! GREAT PAIN! I guess there will be no more 16 hour plus work days without stopping for more than a pee and a cup of coffee. I so miss my metal work but I guess I will have to make my peace with little bits of work time here and there until I heal up, IF I heal up. It is better this way with the little ones though. I can't get so immersed in what I am working on right now, so instead of forcing a project to completion I have to make myself really enjoy the process at a much slower pace. Not a bad idea really, I never wanted to produce tons and tons of the same piece anyways, I enjoy my mask making for the process and how each individual piece turns out, I'll just have to put that idea behind my jewelry and accessory work for now.

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