Friday, May 28, 2010

Crazy Craft Store People!

Yeah.........So, I don't spend a whole lot of time at our local craft store. I buy most of my supplies online or from our local fabric store However, the last couple of weeks it's been a convenient stop on the way home from our play date with Grammy. She lives in Eureka, we live in Arcata. The store in Eureka is a national chain and usually has what I need if the store in Arcata doesn't. I usually go there to pick up little things like thread, interfacing, maybe occasionally some zippers, machine needles, or lining fabric. It so happened that I broke the last of my leather needles the previous day while I was finishing up a custom order, so I asked Grammy if we could stop by the fabric store so I could stock up on some needles. Grammy is wonderful about that, she will sit with kid 1 and 2 while I get my stuff and wait in line to purchase my goods. I try not to make them wait for me for too long when I go because I HATE IT when I have to do that for other people.

Well, first of all while I was trying to find where the store had moved all the various sewing needles I listened as a couple barked on and on about the assortment and prices of sewing machines the store carries. I thought it was kind of rude, it's not really the salesperson's fault but whatever, and I went along my path to the cash register. Happy to be leaving the store and heading home for the day I find myself alongside a very angry looking woman with an armload of stuff. She is walking right beside me and literally stepping out in front of me to cut me off from reaching the register first. I decided to give her a run for her money and speed up my step a bit just so she had to march even faster to get ahead of me. Made me giggle just a little bit. We reach the front of the line for the register and she stops dead in her tracks to admire something hanging on the racks at the front of the store. So I just nestle myself into the line right in front of the registers. As I am waiting my turn in line there goes Ms. Beeupmybutt marching right past me and right up the butt of the person completing their purchase at the register. She didn't even wait for the woman to collect her change before she starts putting all of her stuff down on the counter and grumbling about selection and coupons. As I am watching the grouchball get her rude on full force, some goofball walks right ahead of me and right up to grouchball. As I point out as politely as I can muster " Dude, the line's back here", he looks all around like the angels must be talking to him and stands practically on top of Ms. Beeupmybutt. Then he has to get all uppity with the cashier about coupons too! What should have taken me maybe five minutes to do ended up taking almost 30 minutes! What the heck, Conrad!?!( I don't know who Conrad is, I just love the name.)

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