Monday, May 3, 2010

Locked Elbows and New Collars!

I finished my newest custom order on Saturday. I think it's gonna be a hit! An Ipad envelope out of the softest suede ever. Fully lined and padded and with pockets on front and back. I hope it's new owner loves it and gets a lot of use out of it.

Other than custom orders, I have been nursing a very sore elbow. Seems to be tennis elbow to some extent. It keeps locking up on me and getting really painful and achy. I joke around that it is actually stroller/coffee elbow because it's the arm I push the stroller with while I joyfully carry my cup o' joe in the other hand. I guess I'll actually have to sit down and enjoy my frothy coffee drinks for a while. I don't know what it is about coffee on the go, It's just my favorite way to drink it. Walking with the kiddos, enjoying the day. I am guessing it must tie back into my working days where I would buy a cup of coffee on my way to work just to keep me warm and to wake me up so I would be prepared for the torture ahead. Mmmmmm comforting hot brown caffeinated liquid mmmmmmmm. Now it seems to be more habit than anything. It is definitely a treat when I get to head downtown for a bit and have the time and energy to get a cup of coffee, can't wait to heal up and try it again. Until then, it's the weekly trip to the mall for playing on the climber and a coffee at the bookstore. It's good, can't complain.

I took the opportunity to work on some different things this weekend. Mark seems to have had a bout with food poisoning, so we were homebodies all weekend. I did take Ciaran and Ed out for a couple of short walks but nothing like our usual Saturday adventure. We didn't do the whole walk downtown and bum around thing, so, I had a lot more time to work, and I finally finished my very own wallet. It's a lovely emerald green with a reverse applique in violet, orange, and pink. I love it to bits! It even holds Ed's pacifiers! I will have to get a picture up to show it off. I think I started working on it over a year ago, just never had the time until now to really sew for myself. I also started on collar number two. It's gonna be wicked! Lavender suede with black leather tufts, sparkly antique beads, buttons, and baubles, It is only partly done, not even close to being beaded yet and I already love it! Even more than collar number one! I have yet to snap some pics of it. I think I'll do that right now while I wait for more glue to dry and for the kidlets to wake up from nappies.

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