Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Left Me All Alone.

So I worked on things. I worked on some wallets and FINALLY listed one. I decided to try out some white with purple and black and OH YUMMY!->

Then I dyed some shirts a lovely deep lilac color. After that I juggled some heavy duty diaper washing and a seek and destroy mold mission. I can smell it! Just gotta find it and kill it! I have a strong suspicion that the moldiness is what is killing mine and the kiddos noses and eyes. This means a whole lot of wall furniture, and toy washing. Not to mention clothes, shoes, and anything else that exists in the back of the house.

Now, while I wait for my next creation to finish drying, and my homemade lasagna to heat up, I am having a homemade tea latte and watching something kind of paranormal on the television. Feels like heaven! I love my family but I sure do treasure my alone time, it makes me feel all happy and fluttery inside. The relaxing part doesn't hurt either:)

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