Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sewing Boxes, Envelope Wallets, and Fun, Fun, FUN!

So Edolie started crawling over the weekend which is absolutely fabulous for her and for me (and Ciaran too, but he won't say it out loud) Now with the little miss crawling around, she has so much more to do with herself and gets in to EVERYTHING! Which luckily, I am very used too. So now I have a bit more free time to work and Ciaran has a bit more lap time than he has for a while. Poor little guy has been so patient with everything. I owe him many monster trucks for being such a great big brother.

So anyways, now that I have the time and a bit more energy, I am starting to work on stocking my shops once again. I listed a couple of new envelope wallets over the weekend and I am finishing up another one and making one heck of a far out wristlet! After spending the last couple of days trying to come up with a plan to work while being available to the little ones, I decided to spend a couple of bucks on a sewing box with a lid so I can move around with my stuff and not have to worry about little curious fingers getting into things they shouldn't. Ciaran calls it the treasure box and tries to open it every chance he gets. It should be an adventure, hopefully a good one:)


Flowers said...

I love the above wallet. the colors are fabulous. How can you have MORE time when the baby starts crawling? It was the opposite for me.

nicaeli said...

Thanks so much!

I get more time just because instead of wanting to be firmly planted on my lap all of the time, Ms. Ed is much happier exploring everything on the floor and I can sit down right beside her and work. It's just when she wants to broaden her horizons and check out the rest of the house that we get into trouble. Luckily, we live in a tiny apartment:)

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Still loving your designs and color combos!

nicaeli said...

thanks so much Janet!!!!