Monday, July 26, 2010

I Can't Wait !

My lovely sister (and newest resident of Humboldt County) and I took our kidlets on down to the Arcata plaza for the Crafty Maverick's Summer Craft Extravaganza. We saw all sorts of lovely things, I was very sad that I didn't have any cash to spend. I sure hope they keep it going, it's really wonderful to see some new and different artisans and crafters out there. I also hope next time around I will be able to purchase some handmade goodness, I'm crossin' my fingers now! It made me instantly miss doing fairs. I so badly want to get back in the game again. It inspired me to come home and work which is really good I have three complete wallets and four more on the way. I look forward to all the chaos and fun that goes into preparing and selling my wallets and such. I'm not gonna put down any lists of what I plan to do since every time I do that I jinx myself. I'm just gonna say that I'm looking forward to a time in the near future when I can get my butt back out there and sell my wares!

In other news, my early birthday presents are beginning to arrive. I purchased a mini trampoline for myself so I can work out while the kidlets are napping. I wanted a full size one but there really is no place to put it in this tiny little hole in the wall. I also went ahead and purchased a new pair of boots for my big bad self and some funky socks to go with them. So my gifts are about a month early but that's o.k. because my real birthday gift will be to get back in shape so I can keep up with the kidlets and maybe tone up a little here and there. Not gonna jinx myself here either. Here's to hopin'!

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