Monday, November 22, 2010

The newest of the new all ready for new homes! These ones are all in my Etsy shop, I am listing a few new pieces on Artfire later today. I am moving right along. I have a few more round coin pouches to put together and I will be working on those along with my custom orders this week. My custom orders should be fun and I would tell you more but they are both Christmas gifts so I can't spill the beans quite yet!

Not much else is going on right now other than the overwhelming feeling of needing to be outside! I think all the time spent this past meanwhile of being inside so much has made me want to get out and stomp around rain or shine! Now that Ciaran has a rain coat, there is no stopping us! Well, I guess soggy, cold feet are about the only thing. So in between adventures in sewing and listing things in my shops, I will be trying to get the kidlets out as much as I possibly can. Back to the days of long, long walks, playing at the park, and stops for cookies and coffee along the way. Yay!

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