Friday, October 15, 2010

Ed's Big Day

There she is! In her finest first birthday attire. Ciaran picked out her dress and I found an undershirt and leggings to match. She even had a heart shaped polka dotted hair clippie for the occasion. I think she liked getting all dressed up.

We had a great time with great friends(Thanks Katie, Will, and Lili)and family to celebrate with us. Lots of fun was had as well as pizza, salad, grapes, and banana cake! Ed loved each and every one of her gifts and has so far spent the day after her birthday checking out each one over and over again. She is particularly curious about the "Peek a Boo" book she received from Katie and her family, she loves the page with the red boots the most!

Now, the day after all the celebration, we are just relaxing in our balloon filled living room with some darn bad allergies. I have my cup of coffee, and Ciaran and Ed have their cheerios and toys and books scattered everywhere. Although they seem to be mostly fighting over Ed's new baby doll. So lovely! So glad that I've had some coffee already. Poor baby doll is gonna have sore arms!

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