Monday, October 25, 2010

This Week's Adventure

I am busily working on more leathery things for the holidays as well as some homemade Christmas presents and the like. This wonderful week of spookiness is all about costumes though. I am making a skirt, hat, apron, and booties for Ed's debut as a little Autumn gnome, and I am getting all spaced out making Ciaran into a mini Vulcan complete with hair, eyebrows, and a little silver enterprise badge. We tried out Ciaran's make-up over the weekend and he loved it! He even made a little video of himself as Spock dancin up a storm. It was AWESOME!

I am having the greatest time! I always wanted really cool costumes for Halloween but for some reason, I never really got them. I think because we were expected to make them ourselves and that's kind of hard when your little and have very limited sewing/constructing knowledge. So I promised myself that when Ciaran and Ed wanted costumes, I was all theirs for the spooky season.

So that's what this week is about. I will also be hosting a sleep over, making spooky marshmallow krispy squares, hot apple cider, soul cakes, and HOPEFULLY some hot and sour soup! Then I chain myself back to the sewing machine until all my various leathery things are done and ready to list!

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