Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ideas Are Fun.....

I have a lot of them. Thanks to wandering around Old Town last night. You see it was Arts Alive! in Eureka last night AND the opening of one of my favorites "Maskibition" The maskibition is a collection of masks made by all of us local folks here on the north coast. I usually enter a mask because I love the show so much, but this year was just nuts. All the factors combined with my stupid sore elbow just led to nolucksville. Hopefully, I'll get a couple of masks done over the next few months, I sure miss metal. I must say, I loved the show! Every mask was so different and beautiful, very inspiring stuff. It makes me wanna go over to my table and smack some copper and brass with a hammer. I also got to check out a really cool old antique shop full of lots of crazy items from all over the place. I ended up with a small bag of Victorian jet beaded lace and appliques for my collar projects (thanks Sis!)

I love just getting out there. I get to dress up, wear make-up and drink a little wine! I guess it also must be the time of year, the excitement looking at all these beautiful creations bring, the crowd, it was all well worth the journey. I came home with a mess of ideas to play with. Now if I could just break past the whole A.D.D. part and write all these great ideas down then life would be good! Lists and sketches are the key I guess. Cheers all!

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