Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Not Too Late!

To do a craft's fair! Yay! I got into the "Not Too Late" craft fair! My leathery goodness and I will be vending amongst other super talented peoples at the Arcata United Methodist Church this Saturday, December 18th. I am SO happy to do be doing a fair! I didn't expect to do any at all and now I get to do one! I don't have a ton of stuff but I do have a few things ready and I am sewing madly today and tomorrow to make my way through a small stack of wallets and coin pouches for the occasion. I met my goal for this year and that's a good thing. Come by and say hi! if you are in the area. AUMC is located at 1761 11th street in Arcata.

Other exciting news is that I am seeing a lot of progress with the little eggs! One is developing veins and such, and the other is just chilling, developing it's little white spot. Little tiny tortoises are awesome. Keep your fingers crossed that the little ones will develop and hatch into healthy, happy little shelled wonders.

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