Thursday, December 2, 2010


I found a surprise yesterday. Imogene laid another egg. Now the little makeshift incubator has two little eggs snugly tucked inside. The first egg is just going, going, going. Lookin' good! The second one, is not quite there yet, again, it will be few days before we can tell if it's fertile or not. I'm crossing my fingers though.

So, I was thinking I would offer some free shipping in my Etsy shop this month. I decided to just get into the groove of the holidays and just do it! So all my leathery goods ship free through the end of December! Happy Holidays everyone! Y'all ROCK!

I'll post pics of the eggs in a few days after we get the thumbs up or down about it. They sure are cute little eggs, can't believe they came out of such a little tortoise.

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