Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clogged Toilets and Other Mini Disasters

Clogged toilets are uncomfortable, especially when their contents back up into your shower and your not completely sure that the "contents" that you see were made by your family. Thus is life today, waiting around for a plumber sans shower and shampoo. We'll just hope he comes sooner than later and can help us out with our little "clog" at least Ciaran will be excited since he can pee outside again.

We were also fortunate enough to have locked ourselves out of the house the other day, leaving all cash, diapers, etc. lying by the front door. It seems that our once not so secure door that if you wiggled the doorknob enough it would "click" and unlock itself has resumed it's protective nature and now locks and won't budge, even for me! The same with our back door, which used to just unlock as it pleased. No extra keys, one is with my parents( who never answer their phone, and the other is with my sister who can't answer her phone unless she is taking a break at work) Thank goodness we had rain gear and I had one way bus fare in my pocket! We ended up taking a nice long walk downtown, checking out the Christmas lights and such. We met Mark at work and rode the bus home with him. I still feel like a bonehead for leaving my bag behind, but we had a lovely evening because of it. Even got some homemade cheese pizza out of the deal!

All in all, it sucks but it doesn't suck because it's all nothing that can't be fixed. Just a lot to happen in just a couple of days. I hear that Mercury IS in retrograde again though. I think I'll be treading lightly about the next few weeks.

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