Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Hangin'

I don't have a lot to report these days. I am trying to get some sewing done for the holidays and that seems to be my obsession at the moment. I think I'm doing o.k. for little projects right now, I just need to cut out some more large size wallets and wristlets so I can get my shops stocked up and ready to go. As I reported last time, Ms. Edolie and her little fuzzy buddies have taken to ransacking my work space any time they get a chance to, so I am having a hard time finding my patterns so I can get busy cutting. So, once I collect all the little bits and pieces of patterns, then it is off to find a file box or something with a lid that closes to put them all in. We'll see if it keeps the little stinker and her accomplices out of my business! ( I highly doubt it) Babies are cute but they sure do like to cause trouble!

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