Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Boy and HIs Donut

I'm back from a most wonderful and inspiring vacation. We decided to head up to Oregon for a four day weekend to celebrate my 41st birthday. Our trip was inspired by two things actually. One, the opportunity to cuddle wild animals, and, Two, a donut or two(or six) from a most famous donut making establishment in Portland. So we started our trip with a visit to the West Coast Game Park Safari where we got to hang out and observe many wild animals from near and distant lands, and pet a couple of tigers, black leopard cubs, and a caracal. All lovely and good. Then we wandered up the coast for a bit enjoying the sights, sounds, cupcakes, and candy of many of the coastal towns. On our last night, we decided that heading to Portland for donuts was not at all crazy and hit the road once again so we could experience some awesome donut-ty-ness. We waited patiently in line for our donuts from Voodoo Doughnut then strolled around the downtown areas of Portland so Ed and Ciaran could experience a little taste of city life. Fun was had, lots of fun, can't wait to visit again:)

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