Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Weekend!

..............and I'm feeling it today! Although, I did get a few pictures of my newest coin pouch! I know, I know, I am making a lot of things in violet suede these days. I just can't help it! I love the color and I just can't stop myself!

The weekend started with a "girl's" night full of yummy fry bread tacos, drinks, and lots of silliness and laughter. Then Saturday was catch-up day (because all I did Friday was clean and cook) I did my mailing, a little bit of shopping and errand running all in the pouring rain, and Sunday was movie day. It was Ed's first theater movie and she had a blast watching "Rango" with her brother, cousin, and her Auntie. Then home to do some odd chores and such. I was comatose by 10pm, and woke up to Ciaran demanding to watch Sponge Bob and "a breakfast".

So today is that day that where I wish to just sit and relax, but I am doing laundry while cleaning off my sewing table and shopping for a new tortoise cage and stand, and planning Ed's move into Ciaran's room and the cleaning and organizing of both bedrooms. A little much to do in one day, but at least I made a dent and I'm going with that for now. Happy Monday everyone!

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