Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Wasps Have Gone Bye-Bye!

Well for now, thank goodness. I watched one start a nest yesterday, actually very fascinating to watch. It broke my heart to pull it down and spray our eaves with yucky stinky stuff to deter them but I have no choice. I am very likely allergic to their stings and can't take the chance on getting stung or my little guy for that matter. He seems to be much more like his dad where these things go, but why take a chance. I just wish I had gotten a picture of the queen wasp and the start of the nest before they were both gone. The wasp was HUGE and lovely and the nest was just this beautiful delicate paper flower looking thing. Amazing creatures they truly are! I still only want to admire them from afar though.

So now it's back to hand washing my winter sweaters, finishing up some overdue projects, cutting out and sewing some maternity clothes, and experimenting with new cuffs and collars. Which feels good, since now I have a little extra energy to do it all! Yay!

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