Friday, April 17, 2009

Strange Little Bees

We have a little mystery in our house today. I have noticed some little tiny blackish, goldish bees(at least they look like bees) on our kitchen floor, always in the same spot, on their little backs wriggling around. They all appear to be dying and harmless but they are still freaking me out! I don't know where they would be coming from. We have checked all the cabinets, light fixtures, door frames, etc. and can't find any noticeable hole or way to get in. So I guess for now, we just have bees. I am used to bees because I grew up in a house where one whole side was a gigantic beehive that exploded with honeybees every couple of years. It got so bad at times that we had honey oozing from cracks in the walls, our wall constantly buzzed, and the little suckers made their way through nail holes, light fixtures, etc. It was a nightmare for me, only because I am allergic to the little boogers. Otherwise, a very interesting experience. I just want our new little friends to stay on the outside. As much as I love bees and the good things they do, I only want to appreciate them from afar.

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