Saturday, May 16, 2009

Late Night Strolls through Arcata

Or I should say early morning strolls. I was complaining about not getting out that much to enjoy our surroundings and then BOOM! Mark woke up not being able to catch his breath this morning and after an hour of pacing and worrying, we were off to the ER at 2am. I got Ciaran out of bed and put on his shoes and stuck him in his stroller bundled him up, and we were out the door. We live two blocks away from the hospital so it was just enough of a walk to wake Ciaran up and get Mark feeling better. We spent the next hour sitting by Mark's side as he was checked out, only to find that they could find nothing wrong with him. The Doctor thinks he is just fighting the end of this nasty flu we all got. So, relieved and disappointed at the same time(only because Mark is still feeling poorly and is not convinced of what the Doctor said) we headed back home, slowly, very, very slowly. Ciaran was wide awake and wanted to walk, and he takes forever getting anywhere. We were lucky enough to run into a few young men, on their way home from a night of merry travels. They were so charming in their burping and staggering. Too cute! I miss my late night/early morning walks just for those hilarious moments. Anyways, we are back home, Mark is trying to rest and we are hoping for the best.

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