Friday, May 1, 2009


So I have been "out" for a couple of days. Being newly pregnant in a high risky sort of way, I am up to my ears in appointments. Not really, but enough to keep me pretty darn busy. So I had my third check-up with my Doctor last night and finally got to hear the little stinkers heart beat! Such an incredible sound:) I was a little worried because on my last visit, I didn't get to hear the little one's heart beat but the Doctor did for all of two seconds. So on to today's visit to have my teeth cleaned and make an appointment to have tons of bloodwork done next week. Then I get to play with some sparkly leatha!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

I've heard the heartbeat and seen my little offspring twice already. I have had all the bloodwork too. Looks good, my chances of down's went way down after the blood work and ultrasound check.

However, I think I will be missing my 4th month appointment because I am between doctors and insurance etc.

nicaeli said...

Congrats! I am so glad all is going well for you.

I just had my blood work done and will have another ultrasound in about a month. We are crossing our fingers for healthy and happy:)