Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breathing through my nose.......

Would be nice if I could, just kind of walking around with my mouth open all the time doesn't really look that attractive. At least I feel up to getting some work done. I almost reached my goal of my last post, but I cheated by taking a nap and therefore, my five billfolds have not been cut out yet. I did get this little wallet done, new and improved with more card pockets inside!

In other news, our maintenance guy is re-landscaping our front garden so no more chopping things down, or better yet, getting yelled at for not chopping things down in a time manner for me! I was pleased to finally be able to explain myself to someone who would understand. My explanation as follows: Too many fast growing herbs planted too close together+ living at the home where the only person that can actually keep things in check has terrifying allergy attacks which last for days each time she goes out to prune and plunk= FAILURE! (and lots of overgrowth) It was so nice to be understood. Thank you maintenance person, you are awesome for helping us out! I will miss my wild herb garden but I think it's the best solution at this time.

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