Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Leather! Time to Play!

I got some lovely leather from my sister in the most unusual embossed patterns and now I am up for the handbag challenge. My goal is to design just a few handbag designs and get them out there. I am so inspired now. I also got a box full of brightly colored leather clothing from a very good friend of mine and now I have even more to play with. My first project is going to be my messenger/diaper bag out of the brightest blue suede. I have been playing with my applique designs recently, just to liven things up a bit and I am finding that I really like what is happening. It feels much more like painting to me and I can get pretty crazy with shapes and colors which is all the fun in the world. So far I have made some billfolds but I am furiously sewing up some travel wallets as well. I will post more pictures as I finish up! I love it when I feel inspired! Thanks Seesa and Kathy! You guys rock!

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