Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Smell Funny.

I just finished my short but sweet weeding session in our side yard. I managed to pull enough weeds and clip back enough foliage from our overgrown oregano shrub to cover our entire deck in that time. Now, I am back inside and I smell spaghetti sauce with lots of oregano and it is following me wherever I go. So, I guess I am the one that smells of spaghetti sauce with lots of oregano. I also feel things crawling in my hair and on my legs......... hopefully it's not one of the huge spiders that I have been having nightmares about running into lately. That would be awful. On the bright side, you can actually see that we have a yard and not just weeds, yay! I am going to take a shower now before one of my new creepy crawly friends bites me.

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