Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Sure About This One.

I went ahead and listed it in my artfire studio, but I am still obsessing over the design and if it will be as useful as I want it to be. I think it would be perfect for a phone/ipod case but we'll see. I am making one in black right now, maybe I will play around with the design a bit and see what happens. I do really love the grey suede and black leather on this one though. Very nice combo!

In other news, I just got back from my 30 week check up with Ed. All looks good! My iron is a little low, so I had to run out and get some iron supplements for the next couple of months to boost it a little bit. Ciaran and I had a great time downtown, we bought a few more outfits for Ed at our local consignment place, stopped at Wildberries for a coffee and a cookie, visited Dad at work, then hit the grocery store for our healthy salad and tofu dinner tonight. Now we are home and sleepy. I am ready for a nap but Ciaran wants to play. Oh well, no nap for me I guess, back to sewing and dreaming and sewing some more.

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