Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heading Downtown on the Stinky Bus.

Sounds disgusting, I know. But it is all true. Our bus stinks. It is not the bus itself, but always someone getting on to the bus that makes it stinky. I hate that I am so sensitive to it. Each person's smell is their own, I guess, but when that smell over takes an entire bus and makes all the eyes on board water, noses twitch, stomachs turn, then it's more than just a personal issue. I always think back to a movie I watched many moons ago about a young man/woman who killed his/her enemies by gently spritzing them with cologne. I wish I could do the same thing without anyone noticing, or setting my own allergies off. Not anything too overbearing, but something that would just take the stink away. Today, I have a very stuffy nose and I have to do some mailing, so I have to take the bus. The days that we take the bus downtown and my nose is stuffy are the days I am thankful for.

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