Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Order Finish Up!

I am sitting and resting as the glue on the last couple of purse straps dry before I quickly sew them up and get ready for my next adventure. I am so happy with the outcome of everything. Especially the little skull appliques, which turned out really well with all the delicate stitching I had to do to add extra detail. It was such a nice relief to really dive into designing and working on some new pieces and the challenge of making things that resemble real life objects, and not just things that happen only in my mind was pretty cool too. So now I get to finish up the last few bits and spend the day out tomorrow replenishing my supply of leather needles and interfacing. Then home again to clean out my shop and get ready for a new batch of fun! ( I am sending some of my items out to for consignment, not closing my shop, I swear!)

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