Saturday, July 4, 2009

Building up my Shops

So, after this weekend, I should be able to concentrate on strictly building up the inventory in my shops. I am thinking about cancelling my icraft shop and just concentrating on Etsy and artfire for now. I just need a spot for my handbags for now, and that's what I am doing with icraft. I love the site, but I spend way more time on the other two. Although, I have promised myself that I will work strictly on leather bags, since the fabric ones don't do very well for me. So, I will be finishing up the few custom orders that I have and a couple of other projects(collars, belts, etc.) so I can get a bunch of wallets, cuffs, and etc. cut out and ready to put together. My plan is to be prepared for the arrival of baby Ed(that's her new name) and the holiday season this year, so I am starting now. I want to get my already established designs ready to go so I can focus my time in the early Fall on a couple of new ones, mainly guitar straps and belts, and a few smaller items. I hope to have lots of pictures of my progress to share over the next few weeks, wish me luck. Happy Fourth of July all! Enjoy your festivities!

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