Friday, July 24, 2009

First Nap in The Big Boy Bed

Ciaran's first nap in the big boy bed! Hopefully he is o.k. with it. I am slowly cleaning out his room so it is all his. I don't want him to feel shunned once little Ed comes to stay. I am keeping my eyes peeled for animal illustrations, kites, and all sorts of decorations to make his room really fun for him. My first decorative purchase will be a map of the world. Since his dad and I are hoping to get this family on the go once Ed is here and situated. I have only left the country once, but I am so hooked! We want Ciaran and Ed to see more than just Arcata in their lifetimes, so a traveling we will go. Hopefully, I will have the energy to keep up with everyone.

Besides big boy bed and decorating fun, I have been cutting out a lot of pieces to stock up and prepare for Fall when I will be taking a short maternity leave with Ed. I just need to get to sewing and preparing in other ways too. This year I am being smart and ordering my supplies early. I also found a huge box of misprinted business cards that I will be re-decorating with my logo and my online information. That makes it a little easier to afford all the hardware for my wallets and the few baby items we still need to get for Ed. So that's it for now. I feel a little more prepared each day. Just got to keep myself in check.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Have you started baby shopping??? Oh no, should I be doing that now. Well I made some wool longies for our boy. We are paying back the environment this time by using cloth. The whole family has agreed. Hence the wool pants.I did by some little newborn tee-shirts too, but nothing else. Guess I better get moving.

nicaeli said...

I haven't really started shopping for anything but Pajamas and clothing. I have everything I need all picked out, I just had to wait until I got Ciaran's bed to be able to buy anything. We are basically just needing a new stroller, a rain cover for the stroller, and a few other necessities then we should be all set. Good for you for using cloth diapers, we are still considering what to use. I would really like to use cloth or give gdiapers a try again. Best of luck with all your baby stuff collecting:)