Friday, July 10, 2009


So, I have been collecting pieces of fabric to put a couple of maternity outfits together for myself over the last couple of months. Nothing too special, just enough material to make a skirt, a sundress, and a top. Well, I have been noticing a rather nasty smell coming from the chair where the fabric was stacked. I also noticed that the fabric was no longer neatly stored on the chair but was now wadded up underneath it. So in investigating the nasty smell, I picked up the fabric only to have about fifteen turds fall out of it all over the floor! Not only that but the fabric was the nasty smell, a mixture of kitty potty I don't even want to describe! So no homemade maternity outfits for me. Well, until yesterday when I brought home a magic leather jacket that held a whole lot of cash in it. Not a huge amount but enough to make my day, heck, I would have been happy to find an extra dollar! So, today I went and used some of the cash to buy a couple of shirts and a couple of skirts to make into maternity clothes! Thank you to the magic jacket owner for giving me clothes that fit! As for the two little furballs............I love them but they stink!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Oh Pooo! Not on the fabric. I was gonna make myself some maternity clothes, but I got lazy. I have gone to the thrift store to buy wool because I want to make the baby wool longies for cloth diapers. I'm gonna try it this time. I'm gonna make some wool diaper wraps too.

nicaeli said...

Ooh!, good luck with the diaper wraps and longies, I just got a pink sweater that I am going to turn into a baby sweater for little Ed, I hope she likes it:)